One Click Profits is yet another Forex trading robot which promises to make huge profits for its users. So does it really work or is One Click Profits just a scam?

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Our team of experts made a study of this Forex robot and found that it does not rate high. Also, there is no significant information available about them.

Since there wasn’t enough data to analyse, our team cannot guarantee you that One Click Profits is safe enough to invest in. You are given the opportunity to Proceed to Safety OR Choose one of the approved Forex Brokers:


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One Click Profits Review

The greatest plus point of Forex trading software is that you don’t have to be endowed with some special skill sets to engage in one. You would be able to make profits from a vast range of dynamic possibilities like assets, stocks, commodities and even Forex. The fact that it has already become so popular in the trading financial markets testifies to the simplistic nature of the transaction you need to conduct. Just by choosing between the Forex of “Up” and “Down” or “Put” and “Call”, you will be able to breeze right through the profit procedure.

However, you need to exercise caution before going forward with your trades by choosing a legitimate Forex trading system. If all available proof is to be believed, One Click Profits is not one of them.

Is One Click Profits a Scam?

When you choose a Forex trading system, you need a set of requirements that must be met but One Click Profits has not been able to satisfy ours till now. While the best amongst the Forex trading platforms can guarantee you approximately 70-85% of the money you had invested per trade, One Click Profits doesn’t. You would want your trading experience to be smooth and hassle free but One Click Profits doesn’t provide you with a enough banking options. You won’t always be able to access your MasterCard, JCB or Cash U account while depositing the money.


Moreover, accessing your funds in the real money trading account is also a long drawn out process which doesn’t necessarily work always. All this leads us to believe that One Click Profits is not worthy as the creator Anthony DeRuiz claimed. He promises to make $50 turn into $10,000 for 5 days but there is no real proof that traders have managed to achieve this results.

How Much Does One Click Profits Cost?

It is always required that you deposit some reasonable amount of money in order to begin trading with the Forex brokers. One Click Profits would keep enticing you with claims of profitable trades in exchange for some more cash. Eventually since you would come out with losses rather than cash, it is better to quit while it is still possible.

How Does One Click Profits Work?

While trading on trusted and popular Forex trading platforms, you would simply have to choose the type of Forex that you want to deal in and the brokers with whom you want to trade. After you begin understanding the trading options, you would find that you would have a clear idea of which trades would bring you potential gains.

However, with One Click Profits, you would have to keep increasing your trading budget at regular intervals even to get a shot at hedging and placing your live trades. You would not neither be able to extend your the expiry time of your trades using the Roll Forward feature nor can you choose the Early Exit option and lock in your earlier profits.

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How to Get Started?

  1. Sign Up – To get registered with One Click Profits you have to first make a deposit in your account.
  2. Trade – Trading will begin once you choose a Forex broker and place your trades on the available Forex accordingly.
  3. Withdraw – The deposit and withdrawal options are not that varied so you might want to check with your credit card company before trying to make an investment.

Special Features

Though One Click Profits would promise you a 24/7 call support system it is not functional at the moment. You would not be given the option of creating a demo account at first or multiple accounts later on without investing some extra money. The access to mobile trading platforms has not yet been facilitated.

Pros & Cons

Hence, it is better to skip the scam system of One Click Profits and get registered with a Forex software who actually shows results.


  • User Friendly Website
  • No Additional Software to Download


  • No Company Details Provided
  • Not Regulated nor Licensed
  • Special Bonus Requirements


After making a thorough research, our team of investigators concluded that there are better signal providers than One Click Profits . We browsed the web and forums and found many traders that were unsatisfied with the performance of this signal provider.

We cannot confirm if this signal provider is legitimate or not, that’s why we recommend you to Proceed to Safety by choosing one of the High-Rated and Accurate Signals providers trusted by





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