Neutrino Profit App is yet another Forex trading robot which promises to make huge profits for its users. So does it really work or is Neutrino Profit App just a scam?

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Our team of experts made a study of this Forex robot and found that it does not rate high. Also, there is no significant information available about them.

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Neutrino Profit App Overview

James Taylor, creator of the Neutrino Profit App, has just introduced his trading software to the community. The claims made are reasonable enough but investors do not expect miracles of the software. We conducted preliminary research on the Neutrino Profit App so that we can get our readers acquainted with the trading bot. If you are wondering about its legitimacy, read further and you will get a pretty clear picture of whether it’s a scam or not.

Can You Trust Neutrino Profit App?

Creator James Taylor claims to have a PhD in Trading. He has invested over 18 months into the development of the Neutrino Profit App so that he can present a finished product. Two waves of beta tester are claimed to have profited from using the software. But the fact that we have not heard anything about this system, even from its first users, is a bit alarming. Lots of scammers claim that tests have proven their Forex robots to be profitable, but we never hear anything from those first beta testers. It might as well be fabricated evidence.


Another suspicious thing is that we never see the creator James Taylor. He is just a voice-over on a poorly made video. Keeping anonymity is not a bad thing but it fails to create trust. These things and the fact that there is no sufficient traders’ feedback are among the reasons why we do not thing that signing up with Neutrino Profit App is a reasonable thing to do. We recommend that you choose a proven to work software for your trading needs.

Is Neutrino Profit App a Costly Investment?

The software is distributed for free but supposedly provides limited access to people in just nine specific locations. But we are never told which are these place. From our experience with Forex robots, we can say that scam systems emphasize on such limitations to force traders into a hasty decision. That is why we advise to be careful in your dealings with Neutrino Profit App and its creator James Taylor.

The minimum required deposit is $250. Only after funding your account with their broker of choice, will you be able to start trading. The fact that the broker is only one is alarming as well. Neutrino Profit App does not give traders the freedom to choose themselves. They might be leading you to a broker that is just as scam as the Neutrino Profit App.

On 11th of July, the Neutrino Profit App will be released worldwide for a price of $4,997. But our team thinks that this is just another pressure tactic that should emphasize on the exclusivity of the Forex software and make it more attractive for traders.

What is the Neutrino Profit App?

Neutrino Profit App is completely based online robot. It works online and is suitable only for newbie traders. It does not require knowledge or trading experience. And this is a fact James Taylor is trying really hard to emphasize. We are allowing ourselves to speculate that this is the way Neutrino Profit App is being marketed because experienced traders will probably spot the scam from far away.

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The trading system exploits gaps of nanoseconds between the moment a trade is sent to the financial markets and that same trade being announced to the public. James Taylor claims that it is like seeing the future and the profits made with Neutrino Profit App are guaranteed. It supposedly exhibits accuracy rate of 92% and is capable of generating up to $1,000 per day or $7,000 a week. Even though this sounds quite legitimate, none of the claims have been proven. Customer feedback on the Neutrino Profit App’s reliability and profitability is scarce and contradictory.

Should You Opt for Neutrino Profit App?

Our investigation cannot tell you for sure that you will be safe if you decide to sign up with Neutrino Profit App. Especially since download is required. This hides a risk for your device. And it also might not be compatible with your operating system. Also, we could not find anything special that the Neutrino Profit App can offer you. We recommend that you sing up with a trusted software. Still, if you want to risk it with this fairly new trading bot, you just have to sign up, fund your account and activate the assistance mode. Simple as that.


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