The Infinity App which has been developed by Mark Stevenson is a viral scam that traders should not underestimate.

We conducted a detailed analysis of this app and found that it has many scamming elements. One thing that most traders who are showing interest in this app doesn’t know is that it is a duplicated version of an old scam. It is a failed investment tool that does not deliver on its promise.

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We are urging everyone to read this complete review to learn the truth about the Infinity App. We seriously don’t want innocent traders to fall victim to this scam software and the aim of compiling this review is to spread awareness about this brand new fraud.

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Infinity App – Let’s Take A Glance

The developer of the app claims to be a NASA engineer. He claims to have created a trading software that anyone can use to generate massive returns from their online investments.

This software is online and it does all the work by itself. It is quite true to some extent, but we are sure that many traders who come across it will know that this trading app is not a viable solution for making investments.

Take a look at their website and there is nothing of value. Everything looks fake and fabricated. We wonder how are investors supposed to use it to generate revenue online? The creator and those people who are promoting this app wants traders to trust them blindly. They make promises of huge success and also claim that anyone who uses this app will be able to trade like a professional.

There is no explanation or details offered about this trading app which can help people understand more about it. Actual results however suggest that it doesn’t work as it claims. The results delivered are mainly negative which shows that the software doesn’t have much capacity or capability.

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How to Join?

Becoming a part of the Infinity App is not a good idea. We don’t encourage our readers to sign up for this trading software. But to provide information on how it is possible to start using this app, let’s take a look at the sign up process.

  1. Complete Form – visit their website and fill out the form on the homepage.
  2. Add Funds – register with a broker they assign and make a deposit.
  3. Activate Software – the software places trades by itself after deposit is made into the trading account.

Please Note:

We want traders to note that in order to meet the initial deposit requirement, they have to add at least $250 into their accounts. Did they initially say that the software is free? It was a lie.

How Does Infinity App Operate?

The Infinity App is the epitome of a malicious trading software. They say that anyone can utilise the trading capabilities of this app to generate massive returns without putting in much effort to analyze the market trends.

But the honest truth is that this software doesn’t have such capabilities. The creators haven’t disclosed any information about how it works. But we managed to find out what it does.

When traders add funds to their accounts, the software randomizes trades and creates losses for traders. Soon, traders notice that their accounts are depleting. When the account is entirely wiped out, the scammers contact traders to convince them to add more funds.

There is nothing traders can do to get their funds back once it is gone. They aren’t given any option to withdraw the funds. It is quite clear that the Infinity App has been designed to fool traders and steal their investment capital.

The software doesn’t make use of any latest technology, algorithms or indicators to generate signals for trading. It simply generates random numbers and places false trades.

Trusting this app has proven to be a big mistake for many people. But finally, they have realized the ill intent behind its creation and are now avoiding it.


Why is Infinity App A Lousy Scam?

Learning from your mistake is a good thing, but it is always a smart move to learn from the mistakes of others. The Infinity App is a proven scam and we have many reasons to believe it.

The software has been promising traders extremely high success rate, along with capacity of generating substantial revenue from the comfort of the home every day. Traders don’t have to do anything to earn so much and they get access to the software without any cost. These claims are absurd and ridiculous. Anyone who has used this trading tool has regretted making that decision.

While we are still at exposing the truth about the Infinity App, we want traders to know that Mark Stevenson is not a genuine person. There is no information available about this person or his connection with NASA. So most probably, the actual creators are hiding their identities. There is also chance that the Infinity App is just a rehashed version of an old scam.

The reviews, testimonials and results are all fabricated. They don’t make sense given the fact that no one has ever achieved success with this software. There is no evidence that this software works to meet the expectations of traders.

The Infinity App also has shady connections. Anyone who signs up are forced to partner with an unregulated and unreliable broker.

The Bottom Line

The Infinity App scam is deceiving and we advise traders to use caution and don’t get trapped in their outrageous lies. There’s no chance a working software would be handed out for free.

The fraudsters are very clever and it is sad to see that many people have already fallen victim to this scam. Anyone who wants to become successful in online trading should avoid using this app. The Infinity App has nothing good to offer.


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