Freedom Circle is yet another Forex trading robot which promises to make huge profits for its users. So does it really work or is Freedom Circle just a scam?

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Our team of experts made a study of this Forex robot and found that it does not rate high. Also, there is no significant information available about them.

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Freedom Circle – A Losing Circle Arising?

The profits that online traders can generate daily by using different Forex trading systems are really significant and they can improve one’s lifestyle for good. This is the main reason why so many people deal Forex online trading. The more these people become day after day, the more new solutions emerge and start operating by issuing great statements for success and high profitability rate.

Still, it is a risky business due to the fact that the greater part of the trading platforms are just scams that generate nothing but loses to their users. In this article, we are going to inspect all the important details of one new online trading system – the Freedom Circle, created by Kyle Stanford (Head of Operations).

freedom circle website

More About the Creator Kyle Stanford

Kyle Stanford is allegedly the creator and owner of this new Forex trading software. His picture is attached on the landing page of the platform. However, users cannot see him anywhere else, especially not in the presenting video of the system, where an anonymous voice leads the whole monologue. So, Mr. Stanford is said to be a former economics professor at the Yale university. Years later he managed to create and develop a trading algorithm that is now presented as the Freedom Circle Forex trading robot.

Is Freedom Circle A Scam Or Not?

Based on the results that came out after the investigation we conducted on this system, we can say that Freedom Circle is definitely a scam and a really fraudulent product. First of all, the promo video seems really unprofessional and fake. Its main idea obviously is to provoke fear in the viewers and make them register with the robot as soon as possible. Also, it is said that there are only 12 countries which people can join the robot from, but our investigation revealed that it absolutely doesn’t matter where are people entering the system’s official website from – they can always get access to it.

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In addition, the claimed creator and owner of the software appears nowhere in the promo video and this makes us think that this product lacks authenticity and reliability. Therefore, we do not recommend this trading robot to online traders. Moreover, we strongly advise them to avoid dealing with it at any cost, if they don’t want to lose all their savings.

Freedom Circle – Trading Process And Specifics

This Forex trading platform is said to generate over $5000 per day. The strange fact is that in the promo video the anonymous voices states something absolutely different – he claims that the system is able to accumulate over $1000 in just 30 minutes, which is something really not corresponding to the previous statement.

Freedom Circle is said to use a loophole in the financial markets related to Wall Street. Apparently the American Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank by the Wall Street’s big banks. Also, they are said to print trillions of dollars to hand back over to the banks. As a result, the loophole is promised to take that money back that Wall Street stole from people and puts it into people’s pockets.


All this sounds like a sci-fiction conspiracy theory and it additionally decreases the reliability and the legitimacy of Freedom Circle. It is very obvious that the story mentioned herein above is fabricated in order traders to be misled in creating accounts in this ”profitable trading platform”. However, the results are on the opposite side – all the feedback we were able to find in the Internet space is negative and it consists of complaints and regrets of former users of this scam robot.

Final Thoughts

Our final verdict on Freedom Circle’s trading performance and results is 100% negative. This is a fake

trading software, that lies people into their faces by promising them non-existing winning trading algorithm in return of their initial investments. Therefore, online traders must definitely avoid this system and consider it as a fraudulent and unauthentic income-generating partner.


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