Convergence Sniper is yet another Forex trading robot which promises to make huge profits for its users. So does it really work or is Convergence Sniper just a scam?

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Our team of experts made a study of this Forex robot and found that it does not rate high. Also, there is no significant information available about them.

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Convergence Sniper – Profitable Software or Scam?

Searching the online space for profitable income-generating solution is something many people do constantly. In fact, this is a very popular way for filling in the budget. In this line of speaking online trading Forex is one of the most commonly used investment methods people practice. There is a really wide and limitless range of different platforms, offering the opportunity of trading Forex.

convergence sniper

However, such systems come and go day after day and being well informed of each one of them is absolutely impossible and unnecessary. The key factor every online trader should be aware of is the scam factor that greatest part of them turn out to have. In this review, another fraudulent and completely unauthentic Forex trading system is going to be exposed – the Convergence Sniper software, created by Dr. Vladimir X and presented by Frank Norton.

Who is The Creator of Convergence Sniper Robot?

Dr. Vladimir X is allegedly the creator and developer of Convergence Sniper robot. He is said to be a secretive ex-soviet mathematician genius that has graduated at the Moscow institute of physics and technology many years ago. As soon as he finished his education, he was recruited for a secret weapon developing program at the military forces. After the fall of the old communism he moved to U.S. and occupied with teaching maths at high-schools. Since 2008 Dr. X has been trading Forex with highly successful and profitable results.

However, this information is truly unauthentic and unreliable. It is obvious that this interesting story was made up only as a P.R. strategy that to bring people’s attention to this fraudulent scam software.

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How Does Convergence Sniper Work?

It is said by Mr. Norton, that his occasional friend, Vladimir, has managed to develop this trading platform by using a market malfunction known as convergence anomaly. This anomaly means that currencies that used to trade independently have started trending in the same direction as one another. Therefore, instead of random and unpredictable movement, many of the world’s currencies converge into a single price pattern.

As a result, traders can place Forex bets and double their investment. Another groundless story, issuing great promises by revealing ‘amazing’ secret information. In the reality however, these things fail to prove their legitimacy, and people are losing their savings by signing-up with this scam.

Convergence Sniper – Scam Product Exposed

Another statement for the working process of this robot says that it is an online trading system that captures profitable convergence opportunities in very short period of time by scanning Forex markets in real time. The Convergence Sniper is claimed to spot currencies that are trading in the same pattern. Then it is supposed to place winning trades on the behalf of users.

Still, all the available feedback concerning that matter says that this is not true. On the contrary, the success rate of this Forex trading solution is actually very low, and in almost all of the cases generates loses but earnings.


Based on our investigation on Convergence Sniper trading platform, we are going to issue categorical negative verdict. This robot is scam, and online traders should avoid dealing with it at any cost.

Investigation Result

All the things we were able to discover and share with readers on Convergence Sniper’s trading performance undoubtedly directed the outcome of the whole review defying it as a scam exposed article. This online trading Forex software is unreliable, fraudulent and deserves no attention from serious and ambitious traders who want to achieve positive results, by accumulating profits on daily basis. They should continue their search in order to find a trustworthy income-increasing partner.


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