Millionaires Club is yet another binary options trading robot which promises to make huge profits for its users. So does it really work or is Millionaires Club just a scam?

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Our team of experts made a study of this binary options robot and found that it does not rate high. Also, there is no significant information available about them.

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The Millionaires Club is an automated binary options trading system that has been developed to help traders attain financial freedom. The developers of the system supposedly created a secret club which allows traders to come together. They are also swiftly taught the know-how to gaining a considerable profit from their investments in binary options. Or at least this is the way the creators of the software would like to present it. And make traders believe it, of course.

Recently, we carried out an investigation about this system. We were not all that surprised to find out that there are some things about this binary options trading solution which are a bit dubious. Read below to find out about them.millionaires club

Is Millionaires Club A Scam Or Legit?

Created by Richard Brown a couple of months ago, our research’s results show that the Millionaires Club is not much of a reliable binary options investment platform. Response from the online community has mainly been not very positive. People have been complaining about slow and inaccurate signals. Also, sometimes they are non-existent.

While there have been some traders who have managed to make a profit, these cases appear to be separate and more of an exception from the general rule.

The Millionaires Club is advertised as a secret society. Few have access to it. Maybe they are the fortunate ones who actually increased their earnings.

For now, we cannot recommend the software as legit. It is probably fabricated.

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How Much Does The Millionaires Club Cost?

There is no additional fee one has to pay when he or she signs up with the binary trading system. Only your name and an email address are needed to complete the process and after this you can get full access to the Members Area from where you can learn about how the software actually works.

How Does The Millionaires Club Function?

The club is not open for everyone to join. Richard Brown and his team promote the binary options system as one intended for a closed society. Claiming that only some favoured few will be granted and given access to it.

However, our inquire goes to prove that this is not true. Almost everyone who has tried joining it succeeded. Actually, there is no sign that anyone was denied a membership. After all, this would mean that the software will also not generate any profits if there aren’t any users investing in it.

Other than that, the Millionaires Club operates like any other binary trading platform. It utilizes a computer code which analyzes financial, political and all kinds of information that may be deemed important or crucial to the financial sector. Then, the automated robot sends signals to the traders. Thus, they are able to place a call or put option on an asset.

How To Get Started With The Millionaires Club?

There is nothing complicated about the start up process with this binary options trading solution.

  1. Sign Up: You must fill out a simple form where you enter a valid email and address.
  2. Pick A Broker: The software has a list.

  3. Withdrawal: Send a withdrawal request. After the broker approves it, you will have to choose a payment method. Then you will wait for the transfer. Be cautious when proceeding. A lot of people have been alarming about troubles receiving their earnings.

Does The Millionaires Club Have Special Features?

The binary investment software does not possess any specific features apart from the Members Area. It does have a manual and auto-trading mode. Which most systems of this type have. This makes it not-so-special. Richard Brown’s the Millionaires Club is also available as a downloadable application. Investors can thus trade on the go. It works with Linux, Mac and Windows computers.

However, traders have been reporting that there are no guidelines, eBooks or other bonuses available there.

Legit platforms tend to pamper loyal users in order to keep them. Some go as far as to host live webinars and lectures. Others offer monetary bonuses. The Millionaires Club does not do much in order to make them special. So, this will probably turn out to be scam.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we would like to recommend investors who are considering trading with the binary options platform to think twice. We can not state that it is definitely a scam. But all the factors of one are there. It would be better, especially for newcomer traders, to turn to a more reliable and secure software.


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