Fox Binary Signals is yet another binary options trading robot which promises to make huge profits for its users. So does it really work or is Fox Binary Signals just a scam?

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Our team of experts made a study of this binary options robot and found that it does not rate high. Also, there is no significant information available about them.

Since there wasn’t enough data to analyse, our team cannot guarantee you that Fox Binary Signals is safe enough to invest in. You are given the opportunity to Proceed to Safety OR Choose one of the approved Binary Options Robots:


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Fox Binary Signals – Profitable or Not?

Online trading is a process that combines many aspects concerning the important factors users should be aware of. Along with finding legit income-generating software, online traders should also educate themselves if they want to be sure that the choices they make are the right ones. There are many different binary options trading systems that provide different kinds of services. Some users prefer fully automated robots, others like market signals providers more. In this review the product that is going to be inspected is part of the second group – Fox Binary Signals.


Special Features of Fox Binary Signals

First of all let’s take a quick look at the special features, this software offers to its users.

  • Metatrader4 – trading on that platform via brokers that support binary options on it.
  • Quality Signals – by analyzing markets 24/7.
  • Profit Guaranteed – a company politic of obtaining a steady and stable profits level.
  • Reentry Trades – possibility for reentry one trade per signal in order the outcome to be changed from losing to winning.

However, part of these special features looks more like future goals to be achieved rather than actual state.

Fox Binary Signals Overview

This signals generating platform is claimed to be a new project, created by traders. They state to be contributing their experience in the field to the signals services in order to offer a legit online trading product at a reasonable price. The system operates on the Metatrader4 platform and thus the orders are instantly copied to their own server. The result is that Fox Binary Signals provides its users with the signal at the same moment of their execution.

All these statements look really impressive and trust-provoking but the problem is that there is hardly any information about users opinion on the platform’s performance.

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Is Fox Binary Signals a Scam?

With all the information we were able to gather about the system, we cannot say for sure if it is legit or scam. However, we would recommend traders to wait before starting using the signals-generating software or at least to be cautious when commencing this process.

How to Trade with Fox Binary Signals

There are some steps users should follow in order to start their trading process:

Receive Signals – 2 options here. The first is signals receiving via online app, and the second is directly on the life signals’ section on the website of the platform.

Prepare Your Broker – traders should open their broker either with web platform, mobile app or trading directly on metatrader4 with one of the brokers that allow that.

Reentry Trades – only one per signal and recommended only if it is necessary.

Useful Tip:

The investment made on each specific signal is recommended to be small. It should be in the amount of 5% of the account balance. For reentry trades, Fox Binary Signals doubles that amount.


In the end of our detailed investigation on Fox Binary Signals platform we are advising people to wait until more substantial information about it is available in the Internet space. If not, traders should find another online trading solution in order to start their income-generating process. As for now, we cannot recommend Fox Binary Signals to any user that searches for legit and reliable online dealing partner.


After making a thorough research, our team of investigators concluded that there are better signal providers than Fox Binary Signals . We browsed the web and forums and found many traders that were unsatisfied with the performance of this signal provider.

We cannot confirm if this signal provider is legitimate or not, that’s why we recommend you to Proceed to Safety by choosing one of the High-Rated and Accurate Signals providers trusted by





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