6 Figure Method is yet another binary options trading robot which promises to make huge profits for its users. So does it really work or is 6 Figure Method just a scam?

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Our team of experts made a study of this binary options robot and found that it does not rate high. Also, there is no significant information available about them.

Since there wasn’t enough data to analyse, our team cannot guarantee you that 6 Figure Method is safe enough to invest in. You are given the opportunity to Proceed to Safety OR Choose one of the Top10BinarySignals.com approved Binary Options Robots:


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6 Figure Method

The new automatically trading binary options system, we are going to review today is called 6 Figure method, and it is created by Ray Fischer. Our investigation has the goal to completely reveal all the relevant available information in order for us to decide whether this software is scam or legit income-generating tool.

Due to the lack of any sufficient information on the Internet, we advise all traders to stay away from the system and to proceed to safety. This is necessary as there is a fair chance for the robot to turn out as a scam.


What is 6 Figure Method System?

This is a newly released auto-trading binary options platform, created by allegedly famous businessman, called Ray Fisher. He is also the man that leads the promo video of the product despite the fact it is actually a white-board presentation with a voice-over implemented.

Mr. Fischer claims that users could have read about him in Forbes as he is now a famous businessman that likes to help others as he once was poor and miserable, too. Our online check didn’t manage to find any information about him, so we cannot confirm his statement.

There is an interesting personal story he tells in order to make people understand how he managed to create this auto-trading binary robot. He starts the story, by telling that his brother was “go to school, get a job, get a mortgage” type of guy but Ray was obviously a different type of person. He wanted more, so he dropped out of high-school at the age of 16 and became the black sheep in the family. He was unemployed, without money and his mother got cancer sick.

As a result, he started to search for a way to earn significant amounts of profits on regular bases. He read a lot of books, related to that subject and finally came across to an article, written by the famous Carl Icahn – an American business magnate. The article was focused on a trading principle known as ”counterintuitive formula” – so simple, and yet so brilliant that everyone could profit from it by dealing with binary options trading.

How Does 6 Figure Method Work?

The sole requirement of Mr. Icahn’s principle is that people should have the discipline to stick to it. The core principle is that whatever the masses are doing you should do the opposite. It is called ”contrarian investing”.

When Mr. Fisher became successful in the field of online trading binary options he asked a friend of his to create an easy platform that used the Icahn formula to make trades on complete autopilot.

The software is said to work with the precision and accuracy of a fined-crafted Swiss watch. There is no-risk involved thanks to the fail-proof strategy that works for you with 99.8% accuracy. As a result, the software is promised to earn six figures profits per year for each of its members.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reliable and authentic information to support this explained working power of the software, so we cannot guarantee it is trustworthy.

Is 6 Figure Method Reliable or a Scam?

Given the fact the available information related to this new binary options auto-trading platform is too little and insufficient we cannot say for sure whether it is a scam or not. Still, we would like to suggest that you proceed carefully when it comes to dealing with it. Our advice as specialists is that online investors should continue their search and find a truly legit and proven to work income-increasing binary trading system.

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Final Thoughts

There are many scams in the field of binary options online trading and therefore traders should be really careful when it comes to picking up any particular online-investing system. As for 6 Figure Method Software, we couldn’t verify any of the statements about its profitability and authenticity, so we cannot recommend it to people. On the contrary, we believe they should avoid it.


After making a thorough research, our team of investigators concluded that there are better signal providers than 6 Figure Method . We browsed the web and forums and found many traders that were unsatisfied with the performance of this signal provider.

We cannot confirm if this signal provider is legitimate or not, that’s why we recommend you to Proceed to Safety by choosing one of the High-Rated and Accurate Signals providers trusted by Top10BinarySignals.com





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