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BrokerWorld Payments
Official Website URLwww.WorldPaymentsGroup.com
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, Neteller, AliPay, OK Pay, Wire Transfer
Overall Score9.2/10

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World Payments is the initiative of The Mandala Platform. They are an online exchange that has been newly created to help ordinary people become successful digital currency traders.

Since the launch of digital currencies, the demand for reliable and safe digital currency exchanges has increased rapidly. People have seen that there is huge potential in trading digital currencies, but due to the prevalence of scam service providers and fake platforms, there is a growing fear of losing funds to scammers and fraudsters.

The Mandala team took the initiative to solve this issue and to provide a safe platform to online traders, they developed World Payment Group. Their platform is easy to use and the best part is that it is scam-free.

We did a massive investigation to confirm this and in our review, we have shared our findings as well as information about what Mandala can do for you. We suggest that you read this detailed review and learn the facts about Mandala and World Payments.

An Introduction to World Payments

The platform has been designed by experts to simplify the process of digital currency trading for everyone. With their knowledge and expertise in blockchain technology, the professionals operating the Mandala Platform aim to offer an easy to use digital currency exchange to people who are looking to engage themselves in this field. The platform has the ability to empower its users and to help them generate consistent and stable daily returns.

The online trading markets are lucrative and the kind of opportunity they offer to investors is certainly attractive. But due to lack of knowledge about blockchain technology and how the entire process runs, many traders are held back from making investments in digital assets. The Mandala Platform solves this problem by giving investors easy access into the industry. they have made digital currency trading more and more accessible, easy and comfortable for everyone.

Review Verdict: World Payments is Not a Scam

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How Does It Work?

World Payments operates as an online exchange which facilitates trading between digital currencies. The platform has been designed to be suitable for all kinds of traders, especially those who don’t have any experience in this field.

Our initial findings suggest that the Mandala Platform works exceptionally well. They have a range of special features and trading tools that can be used to simplify the trading process as well as cut short the learning curve. They look professional not only from the outside, but from the inside as well. They are legit, safe to use and quite advanced.

In fact, they offer a solution that not all online exchanges offer. Their approach is different because they are focused on making things simple, yet rewarding for its users. Their main focus is on security, simplicity and sustainability. By making use of them, traders can gain easy access into the world of digital currencies.

At a time when most of the exchanges, trading systems and tools are unreliable and fraudulent, World Payments takes a spot as a legit and safe solution. You are sure to be impressed by its design and the professionalism with which it has been created to offer the best trading related services.

They offer a trading software which provides top quality assistance. It helps you decide when it is the best time to enter and exit trade positions. They also have a Trade Assistant which makes comparison easy. Using its features, you can compare your data with market data and make trading decisions.

Additionally, they have a vast range of educational tools and resources which can be used to enhance the learning experience. Upon signing up, you can get access to trading advice, one on one training and tutorials that will teach you the basis of trading and how you can optimize your results.

Special Features

One of the main features of the platform is a hardware wallet. It allows traders to store their digital currencies safely in cold storage. The reason why this is a great feature is that it helps traders hold their private keys in offline settings from where they cannot be stolen. No one can hack the wallet or steal the coins from the account with the hardware wallet.

Advanced security is another special feature of the World Payments platform. In order to protect their users, the team has implemented stringent security architecture as well as encryption protocols all over the place. The security measures they have in place include multi-signature wallet structure, IP whitelisting, wallet address whitelisting, anti-phishing alerts, withdrawal confirmation emails, third party security audits and others.

As a trader, you will also get access to a range of functionalities including, but not limited to risk management strategies, trading tools, discounted trading fees, portfolio analytics, trading systems and trading alerts.

World Payment Group Is Reliable

There is no doubt that World Payments is a reliable online exchange. They offer full time support for beginners so no one feels left out when dealing with the platform. Their platform has been designed to be extremely easy to use and it is also packed with exceptional features to make trading more enjoyable and rewarding.

Review Verdict: World Payments is Not a Scam

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The platform is powerful and helps enhance gains. Novices can trade like professionals right from the first day by utilizing the features and learning resources which are available. Their trading fee is reasonable and it can be further reduced by up to 80% by those holding MDX tokens.

We have seen quite a lot of positive comments and testimonials online. we are quite sure that the vast majority of the users of World Payments is having a safe and satisfying trading experience. in fact, World Payments has come out as one of the most reliable and trustworthy online exchanges for global traders. The platform definitely deserves your time and attention because of its exceptional qualities, features and investment solutions.


At the end of the analysis, we can confirm that World Payments is 100% legit. The service is powered by Mandala which has already garnered massive attention from all over the world. They have designed their platform to be suitable for newcomers and experienced traders, which means that they have something for everyone who signs up with them.

You will seriously not regret your decision if you join them. By using their platform, you will gain easy access into the digital currency realm which can prove to be beneficial and fruitful.

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