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Overall Score8.4/10

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The Cobra5 Trading Software, which is also known as the Wall Street Focus Group system, is a Forex trading online platform, presented by David Lombardi – Head Project Manager of the whole project. The interesting thing here is that he is also popular with his work as a manager of many others successful products in different spheres such as: project manager of the TV movie hit House of Cards, the mobile game Pokemon Go and the Snickers bars.

The promo video of the system is held by Mr. Lombardy and Jimmy Russo – market analyst at the company, owner of the Forex trading platform. The robot is innovative and interesting as it is presented as a focus group product, designed to earn significant daily profits on the behalf of its users. The interface if the official product’s website is user-friendly, simple and easy to navigate as it also provides people with all the needed and important information.

Review Verdict: Wall Street Focus Group Is Not a Scam

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As a result, our first impression is absolutely positive and we believe that this online trading solution is legit and authentic income-generating trading partner.

We would like to review all the aspects and features of the system and to share the revealed information in the following paragraphs. In this in of thinking, we advise you to read the whole text in order to see why we definitely think that WallStreetFocusGroup is legit and properly working.

How to Profit with Wall Street Focus Group?

The Cobra5 Trading Software is easy-to-use trading robot. It is created by head financial programmers at the Nasdaq Stock Market. It was designed to increase the overall index average, by generating more consistent and winning trades. This all means, that profiting with the software is easy and smooth for all its members as it is perfectly suitable to both experienced investors and newbie traders.

No Download Required

You don’t have to download or install any additional files to your computer to start using the platform as its interface is web-based and doesn’t require further installation. If you want to trade on the go, you can do that as there is a special version of the robot, which is accessible from both Android and iOS mobile devices.

How to Get Started with Cobra5 Trading Software?

Getting started with Cobra5 Trading Software is a very easy task to do, as you only need to complete 3 simple steps. First, you have to fill in the provided web form, then you should place a small initial deposit of just $250 and finally you should enable the assistance trading mode of the system.


All the available users’ testimonials confirm the statement that the winning ratio of the system is 84% which is really high and satisfying result. In profits, this would mean that traders are granted with at least $700 daily income or about $15,000 to $25,000 per month.


The access to Wall Street Focus Group is absolutely free but limited. The company excepts only 75 new members to test the robot’s trading process for a 90 day time period. Once this period expires, they will be able to remain owners of their accounts if they start to pay $997 per month. Considering the fact that your earnings per month won’t fall below $15,000, we believe that the price of the software is more than reasonable and acceptable.

Is Cobra5 Trading Software a Scam?

This income-generating Forex trading solution is absolutely legit and reliable. Our research showed with 100% certainty that all the available feedback is positive as are all the users’ testimonials we managed to find. All this makes us truly believe in the profitability of the product and to declare it is one of the most powerful Forex robots, released on the market, yet. In this line of thinking, we think that you should not hesitate anymore but register in the system and start earning profits, starting from today..


Cobra 5 Trading Software – Customer Support Service

This service is available 24/7 via several different channels: web-form, email and phone. The information we managed to gather states that the quality of service is excellent due to the support team which consists of experienced and well educated traders and analysts.


joane“I knew the Wall Street Focus Group was a real deal because I have seen the guy, who is presenting during the video and he is really who he says. So, I immediately opened my account, then placed $500 initial deposit and enabled the trading feature. I now regularly earn at least $4,500 a week which is 10 times more than I get payed from my regular job. So happy with this software, I definitely will buy it after my trial period expires!”

Joanne, 43


Based on everything we discovered and shared with you in this Forex system’s review, our final verdict is that the Cobra5 Trading Software is legit, authentic and reliable income-generating partner, suitable to everyone.

You should then give it a try and soon enough you will see that the system actually works properly, by generating consistent and regular profits to its members.t10SIG_good_choice_stamp

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