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BrokerUp Down Signals
Official Website URLhttp://updownsignals.com/
Free Demo Account No
Overall Score2.1/10

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Even amid the ever growing number of Forex signal providers appearing on the market, Up Down has managed to remain in existence for a while now – and longevity is always an indicator of good service.

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Currently, the broker is unveiling all the strategies and secrets of their trade in a precise and accurate manner. The Up Down signals system has been professionally designed to assist traders in reaping great profits in the long-term, through the assistance of signals provided in real-time.

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Up Down Signals Review

For more than seven years, Up Down has excelled in sharing trading secrets and knowledge with their clientele. Over this period of time, the Forex broker has managed to earn the trust of traders in their systems, guiding them in making their initial investment and evaluating their performance. Up Down has a good-looking website on which all information has been clearly explained. And more importantly, the actual results presented also look respectable.

The signal provider claims to deliver on long term performance with a success rate of 76% on an average of 3.3 signals daily.

Up Down Signals Pros

Historically, Up Down has a good performance with more than 76% winning positions. There are also daily signal suggestions with up to 5 opportunities. Moreover, the broker has a defined trading window of 13.30 EST. Many traders today continue to subscribe to the endless stream of Up Down signals via SMS, which enables them to earn huge profits in various ways. Below are some of the benefits to using Up Down signals.

  • Success rate of over 24%.
  • The day trading service features 158 assets including stocks, indices, futures and forex.
  • Traders constantly receive signals each day.
  • Traders will receive follow ups on their trading history for a period of up to 60 days.

Up Down Signals Cons

Like most signal services, there have been mixed reports from traders who have used Up Down signals. However, it is wise to be skeptical of many comments and reviews you read with regards to financial products and services. Many traders find it a challenge to correctly implement the signals they receive, or even fail to apply basic rules relating to money management. And then when things go wrong, they end up blaming the service instead of their own decision making.

PRO Tip:

One of the best brokers, providing signals in the industry, are 24Option. Instead of risking your investments with unreliable systems, check out their reviews and make sure that you get maximum results and best execution for your signals.

Unfortunately, such people tend to be right, making it difficult for the others to get involved with such providers. As with any service, your best bet is to do some live testing of Up Down signals of your own.

However, one of the disadvantages would be the fact that you would have to be present to place the trades during the suggested time window.

Up Down Signals Price

Up Down signals service is available to traders at $99 a month, which is generally the standard fee for most other providers of Forex signals. There is a one week trial available which costs $4.99. This low fee enables you to try out the Up Down signals and determine whether they are perfect for your trading needs.

did you know9887Did You Know that

You can get Forex Signals For Free. According to 71% of the traders who use Forex Signals, the best signals and trading alerts provider is QProfit System.

It has one of the Top 3 Winning ratios on the market and more 3/4 clients’ approval.

It is important to use this period only to test the results by trading small amounts just in case your objectives don’t work out as expected. You may also choose between a non-recurring 7 day trial for $24.99 and a quarterly plan for $197.

Up Down Signals Scam

Because Up Down is one of the signal services available on the market, your odds of experiencing a scam with this broker remain average.

That said, some traders have experienced inaccurate results with many of the initial signals placed using an hourly expiry time. This being due to the fact that the exact time of expiration contained in the alerts was unavailable on the broker account availed at the time.

This is perhaps the only caveat there is to using the Up Down signal service. You will probably find more complaints and reviews on the web, it is advisable to make your own research.

Traders Comment

av4Lucja says:

I personally prefer free signals, it is enough that you cannot be sure if they will waste your money or at least there  should have some free trial period.

26-2-2015 г- 12-20-04Kipp says:

I paid almost $100 the first month on on the 3rd day I was sorry for doing this. I received nothing but false alerts, there were some exceptions, but this



After making a thorough research, our team of investigators concluded that there are better signal providers than Up Down Sinals . We browsed the web and forums and found many traders that were unsatisfied with the performance of this signal provider.

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