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BrokerTrading With John
Official Website URLwww.TradingWithJohn.com
Support TypesEmail
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsDebit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Neteller, YouPay, GiroPay
Number of Assets70+
Overall Score8.0/10

Full Review

John Miller, who is a successful internet entrepreneur has finally revealed the secret of his success. Recently, he gave an interview on how his business works and how he has been able to generate profits online.

According to Mr Miller, he has developed a high speed algorithm which enables him to earn profits online. He has claimed that the system he has developed makes it easy to generate profits online. 

But is it true that making profits on investments can be so easy? To come up with the facts about the system, we decided to carry out a thorough investigation. We have presented our views on Trading with John below and whether or not we think it is a profitable solution for enhancing gains on online investments.

How To Use TradingWithJohn?

Trading with John has been released recently and its users are already satisfied with the results they are achieving. It appears that Trading with John is a perfect choice for all those traders who are looking for reliable trading signals.

The software has an intuitive interface and also offers professional services to traders. All the trades are executed with the assistance of the robot and its analyzes. The trades are profitable which means that anyone who joins the system will get the opportunity to supplement their income and also save time for their family.

Based on the data we collected and the personal interview by Mr. Miller, we can see that Trading with John is an easy to use application. It works on reputable broker platforms to give a safe and secure trading experience to its users.  The presence of traders is only required when customizing the settings. Once the preferences have been set, the software can be left on its own to perform trading tasks.

No Download Required

Web based software systems like Trading with John has changed the way online investments can be made. It doesn’t restrict users to one device only since it can work on any device as long as it is connected to the internet.

Getting Started is Easy

Users are required to add a monetary amount before they can get access to Trading with John software. The minimum deposit requirement is $250. The software is really efficient in generating profits so users should not hesitate adding a larger deposit amount.

To get started with the system, these 3 steps can be followed.

John Miller has made his creation accessible to everyone regardless of trading skills. Even a complete beginner can use it to earn profits easily.

Average Returns

The earnings can be quite steady if users are consistent. The average return is over 80%. Upon testing the software, a user who was a complete beginner was able to generate over $4000 with an investment of $250 in a week. So basically, this is the kind of returns users can expect as a result of Trading with John.


According to John Miller, the software is free. Initially, he decided to charge users thousands of dollars for this highly profitable formula, but when he put up news of its release on social media, his software started attracting huge attention. He then realized that if he made it free, he will be able to offer it to the maximum number of users.

Scam Software or Legit Solution?

Traders must always proceed with caution when choosing a new trading software. TradingWithJohn has been released recently, but it is allowing users to see profitable results within the first week itself.

The software has been developed using sophisticated algorithms which work at high speed to scan the financial markets. The main benefit that users have is that it performs analyzes and it doesn’t miss out on profitable opportunities. Traders are guaranteed maximum profitability and test results have gone on to prove that it is extremely reliable.  There is no reason to assume that Trading with John could be a scam. It is a legit option and one that ensures safe trading.

Review Verdict: Trading with John is Not a Scam

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Special Features

Trading with John is an easy to use software which is even suitable for complete beginners. Whether it is the sign up process or trading process, everything is quick and simple.

The algorithms on which the software works is very fast and it is capable of analyzing vast amounts of data within just fractions of a second. With this software, traders can rest assured that their funds are held safely in their accounts.  Another special feature of Trading with John is that it works on cell phones as well. Now trading on the go is simpler than it ever was.

Customer Service

To make sure that online investors don’t get confused while trading to don’t face any issues, John Miller has offered full time support. He has developed a team of customer support professionals who are available to assist their users throughout the day. Anyone who needs clarifications about the software can reach the staff via email or live chat.


“I never thought I would be able to earn profits online. Trading with John has changed my life in a good way because by using this software I am able to earn from the comfort of my home. The truth is that I am able to earn at least 5 times more than what I was getting with my regular job.”

Alina, 37


Trading with John is a reliable system that opens up numerous profit making opportunities for online investors. Since its launch, it has proven to be a trustworthy solution for generating profits. This software certainly falls in the category of those few systems that we would recommend as safe and genuine.

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