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BrokerTrader's Buddy
Official Website URLwww.TradersBuddy.com
Support TypesLive Chat, Phone, Contact Form, E-mail
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsCredit/Debit Cards, Bank Wire, Neteller
Number of Assets70+
Overall Score8.0/10

Full Review

The Trader’s Buddy initiative is a new trading tool. It is an opportunity made by professionals for people without years of experience. It is promoted as the best friend of every investor out there and our investigation shows that this is, in fact, true.

Traders Buddy is not a scam. This is the overall conclusion of our investigation. It offers one of the best-developed trading suites. It has been designed for people with the serious intention of making online income from investments in Forex.

If you want to find out more details about the opportunities offered by Traders Buddy, you should read our full review available below.

How to Trade with Traders Buddy?

Once you sign up with Traders Buddy and fund you trading balance with an initial deposit of $250, you will be able to begin trading. You get to choose from three trading styles, provided by the creators of the software:

  • Social Trading – by choosing this trading style, you will start receiving trading advice from the community. Each trader can vote on a given trading opportunity, that will indicate whether it is successful and profitable, or not. You can act upon these signals. Only the votes of professional and successful traders are taken into consideration.
  • Manual Trading – with this mode on the Traders Buddy platform, you will be able to get close to the practice and experience of professional traders. The mode allows you to receive exclusive signals on market trends, low-risk, and high-profitability trades.
  • Assisted Trading – when choosing this type of trading method, you can predetermine the risk-level you are willing to carry, as well as the maximum returns you want the robot to look for. You will execute the trades on your own.

Fund your account and initiate one of the three trading methods, and the TradersBuddy will assist you in making significant profits through its software.

No Download Necessary

You won’t have to download heavy software to install, thus slowing down your computer. You get unlimited web-based access to the Traders Buddy trading robot. If you prefer trading on-the-go, you can achieve this through your smartphone or tablet, as long as they are connected to the Internet.

Review Verdict: Trader’s Buddy is Not a Scam

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Opening an Account with Traders Buddy?

Getting a trading account with Traders Buddy is hassle-free and quick. Fill in the provided form and you will be transferred directly to the software’s platform. Once you do that, make sure you keep your login details safe and that you save your access point to the software somewhere easy to access. You will need to log in every time you return to the Trader’s Buddy software for security reasons.

Once you have opened a trading account, you will be connected to a trusted broker. With it just deposit an initial amount and all the capabilities of Trader’s Buddy will be activated. The minimum deposit amount that is accepted is $250.

Average Returns of Trader’s Buddy

Although fairly new, Trader’s Buddy is already showing great performance and top-notch profitability. Traders using it report average returns between 87% and 93%, depending on the trading method and Forex types you choose.

The profitability of the Traders Buddy trading system has been verified by independent parties and it is recommended as one of those robots that provide steady and satisfying profits.

TradersBuddy & Price

You can get a trading account with Trader’s Buddy software in less than 5 minutes and completely for free. You won’t be asked to make a payment, there are no monthly fees – currently, the software is expanding its operations and is offering access to investors for free.

Review Verdict: Trader’s Buddy is Not a Scam

Visit Trader’s Buddy Official Website

Is Traders Buddy a Scam?

Everything we were able to discover during our lengthy investigations shows that Trader’s Buddy is definitely not a scam. Not only does it offer one of the best trading opportunities currently on the market, it is also safe and secure. All of your personal information is encrypted.

Additionally, Traders Buddy gives you the chance to choose from the multiple brokers it is compatible with. All of them have a verifiable good reputation in the industry, adding to the safety of your data and investments. Our investigative team is ready to recommend Traders Buddy as reliable, authentic and legitimate.

How Does TradersBuddy Work?

Apart from offering three types of trading, Traders Buddy provides three trading algorithms, each for specific situations and types:

  • Rush – with Traders Buddy you can choose to invest in short-term options with expiries up to 120 seconds. These carry more risk but offer higher potential returns.
  • Basers – the algorithms is focused on medium-term options with expiries of up to 4 hours. It focuses on options with balanced risk-returns trade-offs – they are both of medium size.
  • Investo – the last algorithm specializes in long-term options of up to 3 days. They have less risk, but also have smaller returns.

Special Features of Traders Buddy

What makes the Traders Buddy one of the best trading solutions you can currently find on the market are the additional features you get when you sign up for them. Technical benefits and free resources form a great competitive advantage for the Traders Buddy robot and enhance investors’ experience:

  • Stop Loss – by setting your daily risk-rate you are in full control of the investment process and can protect your investments and assets.
  • Pending Orders Technology – you can queue your trades for when the assets become available for investments during the trading day.
  • Extensive Educational Center – once you become a client of Trader’s Buddy, you will get access to a significant amount of freely distributed trading resources and training materials that can greatly enhance your skills and optimize your trading and profits.

Review Verdict: Trader’s Buddy is Not a Scam

Visit Trader’s Buddy Official Website

Customer Support from Traders Buddy

Traders Buddy offers a dedicated customer service team that would assist you in any way. You can contact them 24/7 via e-mail and live chat, as well as in multiple languages.

Users’ Feedback

I am always skeptical of new trading systems as they come with flashy promises and then they disappoint you. This is not the case with the new Traders Buddy software. They offer amazing opportunities and constant customer support that can professionally guide you through every step of the trading process.

Emelina, 46, Greece

What I am most interested in when signing up for a Forex robot is whether it is compatible with reliable brokers. Traders Buddy definitely is. I haven’t had any troubles depositing or withdrawing funds from my balance.

The procedure is always swift and hassle-free, and it takes just a couple of days to be completed!

Samuel, 34, France


Traders Buddy enters the Forex industry with a lot of promise and amazing opportunities for all of its clients. This is an entirely free investment software, with user-friendly and secure trading environment. It has a lot of features that enhance the profitability and trading experience of the investors that sign up for it. And it is also compatible with reliable brokers.

In the above review, we have shared our reasons for trusting TradersBuddy. It is not a scam and we recommend it as a very good trading alternative.

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