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Overall Score2.8/10

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Trade4.me is a product of SAS Neutrino, a French company that specializes in the development of software tools for trading. Trade4.me is the very first Forex social trading network, which allows traders to connect with the best traders and thereafter copy their trades.

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Upon subscription, traders are asked to link their Forex account to Trade4.me such that signals can be sent to their broker and traded on their account. Once subscribed, traders can check out the leader board for the best traders and quickly analyze their performance ranking based on their success rate during the last 1 month, 3 month or 6 month period.

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The next step is to link your Trade4.me account to a broker so that signals can be sent and traded on your Forex account. For this to happen, Trade4.me needs to be explicitly authorized on your broker account. There are 2 ways to do this. The easy way is to click on “Open Authorized Account” next to a broker, below the special links enclosed in the buttons. This will allow you to create a new account that Trade4.me is pre-authorized to trade on.

Upon clicking Open Authorized Account you will be redirected to the broker subscription page. Fill out the form and create the account. Once you’re finished go back to Trade4.me and click on “Link Authorized Account”. You will need to enter the username and password on the account you just created. Click “Submit” and if everything went well, your Trade4.me account is now linked to your broker account.

Trade4.me Pros

pros and cons puzzleTrade4.me retrieves the trading history in each traders profile in real time, directly from the broker. Moreover, the performance you see is real. Therefore, should a trader claim that they have a success rate of 32%. In your account you will find their actual trading history as retrieved from the broker and displayed on that particular trader’s profile.

On the traders profile you can view their success rate and number of trades for the past one month, three months or six months, as well as a score graph that will inform you of their consistency in trading activity. You are also able to see which brokers currently link to that particular Trade4.me account. You may then repurchase into the trade assets and a list of all the trades ever opened by the trader, in the event that you like their profile.

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All you have to do is simply click “Follow” to receive an e-mail every time that particular trader opens a trading position. If you’d like to go further click “Copy” and every trading position open by this trader will be copied on your Forex account as well.

You don’t need to install anything on your computer or have it run all day, as Trade4.me servers will handle everything for you.

Trade4.me also offers multiple tools to help you send signals more easily when a trader connects in real time to your broker to allow you to trade your Forex account just like you would on your broker’s website. The only difference is that the signals sent from the web trader are not only sent to your Forex account but also to all your copiers.

Trade4.me also has an API the you can use to send signals from Meta Trader or Ninja Trader, thereby allowing you to trade your preferred strategy indicator or expert advisor on your account. Basically, the pros of this signals are not so much. The main advantage is that you can see the trading history of the trader you want to copy from, but still the winning ratio is not as high as many other signals.

Trade4.me Cons

If you really don’t want to create a new broker account but wish to authorize Trade4.me on your already existing broker account, there is a way to do this. You will need to contact your Account Manager on your broker platform and ask him to change the “Campaign Idea” that tells your broker account to authorize Trade4.me to trade on it. However, this is a lengthier and far more time consuming process than linking the account yourself.

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Also, there are some comments on the web in which different people claim that this procedure is practically impossible. There are some terms and conditions that don’t work in a favor of the trader, so in the end it is easier to open new account.

Trade4.me Price

It is absolutely free to sign up to Trade4.me, and once you have you may begin copying the best Forex traders, and participate in this social trading revolution.

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Trade4.me Scam

Various online scam checkers have provided Trade4.me with not so good rating. We cannot guarantee for their rating or for the way they rate, but also received some complaints from traders who consider their service as unreliable.

If you want to trade and you insist on using Forex signals, we suggest you to look for signals with high rate by real traders and read reviews by people who use signals.

Traders Comments

26-2-2015 г- 11-21-06Brigida says:
I trade Trade4.me and I am not sure if the best traders in there know what are they doing. I copied the trades of one guy from Germany and almost every trade was a losing one. I should have done some research on him before I put my money in his hands.

av3Ryker says:

This sounds a little bit unsafe to me… I understand how you can leave your trades to an algorithm, but to some person from across the globe without knowing his experience. I think you should be mad to do this!



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