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Official Website URLhttp://www.thebinarysignals.com/
Minimum 1st Deposit$99
Free Demo Account No
Number of Assets100+
Overall Score5.8/10

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TheBinarySignals.com is a premier service provider which provides Binary signals to traders on stocks, major indices, commodities and currency trading. These signals help the traders by providing signals on initiating trades at a specific time so that traders might be able to maximize their profits.

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The signals are developed by the expert research team of TheBinarySignals.com who analyze the market and all conditions or news that can impact the movement of an asset. They consider the global impact of this news to form their opinion about a signal. A typical binary signal looks like this:

Asset: EUR/USD


Price : At or below 1.31

Expiry: 2015-02-11 09:00:00

Thus a typical binary option signal provides information on 4 factors which can be used to make profitable trades. A trader can subscribe to these signals by choosing one of the 2 subscription plans. The first one allows traders to obtain these signals for $9.9 for the first month. This comes with a condition of opening an account with a broker recommended by TheBinarySignals. The second option is to subscribe to these signals at a cost of $97 per month for which you will receive Binary signals on stocks, major indices, commodities and currency via email or through text message.

TheBinarySignals.com Accuracy

accuracy 787The accuracy of any financial instrument is the basis which helps traders in deciding which one to subscribe to. Many brokers claim that their signals are 100% accurate which is not practically possible as the signals are dependent on many factors and it is impossible to predict even through research the impact of market conditions and global news and how they are going to make their effect on various assets. Due to innumerable factors it is impossible to predict the markets accurately 100% of the times.

In spite of such limitations, the expert team of TheBinarySignals works relentlessly to develop signals that can boast of a high accuracy rate of 72%. Some traders may consider it not to be high enough but most of the traders find this quite good and are very happy with the results that they achieve by using the signals from TheBinarySignals.com. Their performance has been consistent over the years which have paved the way for it to become a preferred choice for a large number of traders who enjoy the fruits of placing their trust on them.

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TheBinarySignals.com Software

The signals provided by TheBinarySignals.com are helpful for new traders as well as experienced traders too. The signals are not generated by any software but are developed by the expert team of TheBinarySignals.com by their expert analysis of global markets 24/7.The signals provided by them are clear, concise and easy to understand that clearly define the risks and profits that a trade will make allowing the traders to make informed decision on which trades to choose.

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The signals are very time sensitive so it is very essential that if a trader chooses to initiate a trade by following a signal then time is of great essence so they are delivered through email and text message. The traders can thus make good choice and minimize their risk while increasing the probability of higher profits.

The signals from TheBinarySignals.com thus minimizes the hours a trader has to input for market analysis or make difficult trading decisions. With enough time on hands a trader can concentrate on the actual trading process and enjoy making high profits with low risks.

TheBinarySignals.com Results

The results of TheBinarySignals.com will meet all commitments of more than 70% accuracy and can be verified by the past results that are proudly displayed on their site.


After making a thorough research, our team of investigators concluded that there are better signal providers than TheBinarySignals . We browsed the web and forums and found many traders that were unsatisfied with the performance of this signal provider.

We cannot confirm if this signal provider is legitimate or not, that’s why we recommend you to Proceed to Safety by choosing one of the High-Rated and Accurate Signals providers trusted by Top10BinarySignals.com





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