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BrokerQProfit System
Official Website URLwww.QProfitSystem.com
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVisa, MasterCard, CiTiBank, HSBC, Skrill Moneybookers, Sofort
Number of Assets60+
Overall Score9.7/10

Full Review

QProfit System is a freshly-released Forex robot whose creator Jerry Douglas has vast experience in trading with different types of assets. He was assisted in the design process by college buddy Sasha Petroshenko who has prior experience as a software developer and engineer for NASA.

The investment instrument combines both some of the main big data investment principles and the most highly advanced quantum technology that there is available. Most users who have tested the services of the online tool have already convinced themselves of its ability to generate good trading results.

Mr. Douglas and Mr. Petroshenko state that they are more than content that users find the robot helpful but will continue making constant upgrades and improvements in order for the average success rate to surpass its current level. According to them, this is necessary in order for the trading experience of their clients to be constantly enhanced.

Our investigation managed to find out that their state-of-the-art software is legit, authentic, and genuine. Online investors can safely proceed to open accounts with it and be subject to consistent success.

QProfit System has gained much speed lately. They have been mentioned by several big news websites including the Reuters Agency Website.

reuters news article

How to Work with Douglas’ System?

This Forex investment robot is extremely easy-to-operate with as it features both a manual and an assistance mode. Its highly advanced trading algorithm allows for sophisticated investors to explore their acquired skills, while newcomers can enjoy steady trading success while they are still learning the know-how of market and asset price movements.

Review Verdict: QProfit System is Not a Scam

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Sasha Petroshenko specifically designed the computer codes in such a manner so that the quantum technology to be able to scan the markets for opportunities and calculate forecasts faster than other investment systems and the main analysis principles on which it relies to do so are complex big data trading ones.

Interesting Fact:

Big data investments and quantum technology are top notch modern inventions. Some of the most reliable trading robots apply the latter but QProfit System is the first one to ever combine both of them. Big data analysis methods have been a favorite of financial giants such as Goldman and Sachs.

You can choose to let the trading robot analyze the market trades and you can execute the trades by yourself whenever you are sure of a winning trade.

No Necessary Download

Users with all kinds of preferences will find this trading software to be quite handy. There is no additional downloading required and the platform will work just fine on any given browser or device type. There is also a special mobile app for those who prefer to invest on the go. Anyone can enjoy trading from anywhere with it. The only condition for a smooth investment experience is to have a stable Internet connection.

How to Get Started with It?

The most basic and simplistic way to sign-up with the investment solution developed by Mr. Jerry Douglas is by going to the official website and entering a couple of your best details into the registration form. An email containing a link to a trusted broker platform’s page will be sent shortly into your private inbox so that you can enter the platform securely and individually.

Users are then required to make a small monetary investment of $250 which is utilized for the purpose of funding their trading account. There is no room for worries or concerns as the sum can be taken back at any given moment and all the brokerages that this trading platform partners with are subject to inspection and strict policies that ensure funds security and safety.

Most of them have already established a name for themselves for being legit and reliable. Traders just have to follow these basic steps:

1. Sign Up Free

2. Fund Trading Account

3.  Place Winning Trades & Withdraw

Withdrawals are carried out with ease and there are no known problems. This is thanks to the fact the software is compatible only with reliable brokerage firms that provide a smooth experience and short procedures. Your withdrawal request will be processed in a matter of days and you will have your funds at your disposal as soon as possible.


Withdrawals will be carried out via the same method you chose to deposit through. That is why choose it carefully. Most brokers accept deposits through various methods – credit, debit card, wire transfers, and e-wallets.

Announced & Verified Daily Results

People who are considering to get started with QProfit System should have in mind that average daily results and winning trades are quite high. This is all thanks to the incredible blend of quantum technology and clever big data trading principles. Anyone who wishes to put their own strategies and analysis methods is free to do so by switching to manual mode.

Note that your average daily returns will depend on the funds you have in your investment account because they are the ones that are going to be reinvested. Higher amount of available capital will allow you to place a bigger number of trades, following your already profitable strategy and with the help of the assistance functions.

Average Expected Cost

We have already determined that putting the Forex robot to use is completely free. The small monetary deposit $250 only serves as means to fund one’s account. It can be withdrawn at any given moment. Many users wait for a longer period of time before withdrawing, so that profits can be capitalized on and re-invested to generate even more profits. All thanks to the fact that the trading system is authentic and manages to generate stable and consistent profits every single day.

Is QProfit System Authentic & Legit or Scam?

All evidence that our team was able to come across goes on to prove beyond any possible doubt that the robot by Jerry Douglas is one of the top available online trading solutions that have been released recently. It is fully legit, trustworthy, and genuine.

Among its prime characteristics falls the fact that it combines two sophisticated principles, one of which is purely technological. The forex software allows users to master their investment skills and anyone can achieve success.

Review Verdict: QProfit System is Not a Scam

Visit QProfit System Official Website

Additionally, it has been integrated with top quality brokers. This further enhances the sense of legitimacy, since the trading environment is secure and the transfer of funds is subject to strict policies. You will always be asked to verify your identity and ownership of the investment account when you want to move funds from and to it. This is done in order to protect your capital.

KYC & AML Policies

Know-Your-Client and Anti Money-Laundering policies have been put in place with all brokerage firms compatible with the system so that there won’t be misconduct and misuse of the funds in your personal trading account.

Given all that, it is quite clear that this online solution is a legit trading platform and we recommend it as a good choice for a tool to enable you to participate in the online trading field.

Customer Support Service

This newly released QProfit System tool has one of the best customer support services in this industry sector. They have numerous qualification certificates and go through training every couple of months. The service is 24/7 so that the needs and concerns of every trader from every possible part of the world are catered to and taken care of.

The assistance team is comprised of international professionals, advisors, and investment experts that can guide you through every step of your experience. The multilingual support is of high-quality and you will receive swift answers to all of your questions. Do not hesitate to contact them.

User Testimonials

“This software is one of the top notch solutions that can be found on the Internet. Its algorithm is just amazing. I don’t know how Jerry Douglas and Sasha Petroshenko managed to design it to the point of perfection but it has never failed to achieve succes! I personally recommend it.”

Aoife Devlin, 37, Ireland

“In order to be completely honest, I have to admit that I was very cautious before I opened my first account with this online trading robot as I have been scammed before. Much to my surprise, it is completely legit. There are so very few online trading robots that are capable of accumulating such trading results!”

Francesco Cuesta, 51, Spain


The QProfit System may be a newly-released Forex robot but it takes the other ones by storm with its method of creation, operational processes, and opportunities it provides. It is authentic, trustworthy, and legit and has nothing to do with the scam platforms that circulate the market.

Users have shared only positive feedback about their experience with it. The software offers useful features to both newcomers and sophisticated traders that can enhance the overall trading experience. It is safe and secure and partners only with trustworthy platforms.

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