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BrokerProfits Eternity
Official Website URLwww.ProfitsEternity.com
Support TypesLive Chat, E-mail
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill
Number of Assets60+
Overall Score8.6/10

Full Review

The Profits Eternity trading software is one of the newest trading systems available. Its owner and creator is the success banker and investor Jane Creswell. She just recently released her trading robot to the public.

While we researched into the ProfitsEternity software, we discovered a lot of positive feedback regarding the Forex robot. All of the promises given by the owner Jane Creswell seem to be achievable.

The significant experience that Jane Creswell has in the financial field gives additional confidence to our verdict, when we say that the Profits Eternity trading system is a reliable one.

How to Trade with ProfitsEternity?

Profits Eternity is a trading robot that has been built with the sole purpose of tending to the needs of online investors, despite of their previous experience or knowledge in the field. This Forex software is one of the most user-friendly systems in the industry.

Mrs. Creswell integrated her ability to recognize patters into the way Profits Eternity operates. She accomplished that with the help and support of a highly professional team of programmers and developers.

The software that is Profits Eternity is based on complicated and extremely accurate algorithms. It will run completely online, following the settings you predetermine for it and help you for the execution of the trades with high success rates. All you need to do in order to activate Profits Eternity and set it on assistance mode, is to fund you trading balance with a minimum of $250.

No Download & Installation

Profits Eternity is a set-and-forget trading system. You can run it directly into your browser, there is no software to download and install. This implies that you can trade even on-the-go, if you have a mobile device with strong Internet connection and a browser.

How to Join ProfitsEternity?

If you have spent even a minimum amount of time in the Forex industry, you would know that joining a trading system is easy. There are only three steps you need to complete, and Profits Eternity makes no exception:

  1. Sign Up for Free – the software is available for free. Just fill in the form on the Profits Eternity website and your trading account shall be created.
  2. Fund Account – you can do that with as little as $250. Those funds are not a form of payment, only you have control over them and they are used only for making investments through the ProfitsEternity software.
  3. Activate Assistance Mode – once you have funds in your account, you will be able to activate the mode and Profits Eternity will immediately start scanning the markets for profitable trades with high probability to be winning. Afterwards you can start placing the trades.

Profits Eternity & Profitability

The Forex trading software has been confirmed to achieve an average success rate of around 90%. Independent traders have reported a success rate as high as 97%, which can be achieved only by the best systems currently operating in the industry.

In other words, you can achieve around $6,000 in profits per day using the Profits Eternity robot, especially if you have risk inclinations and invest bigger amounts per trade.

With the programmed stop-loss feature, you can expect high profitability.

Review Verdict: Profits Eternity is Not a Scam

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Is ProfitsEternity Costly?

You can use the capabilities of the Profits Eternity trading robot completely for free. The initial investment you need to make is not a payment and is only for the purposes of making trades.

Is Profits Eternity Safe or Scam?

Profits Eternity offers a service of premium quality. Its platform is secured and all of your personal details and funds will be kept safe.

ProfitsEternity has an additional advantage – it is compatible with some of the most prominent brokers in the Forex industry. This means that your withdrawals will always be processed in time and they will be smooth.

Our investigation showed us that Profits Eternity provides a great platform for generating online income through Forex investments. After putting it through are tests, we can conclude that Profits Eternity is definitely not a scam.

Customer Assistance

You can easily contact the customer support team 24/7 via live-chat or e-mail. Profits Eternity is maintained by a professional team, capable of guiding you through every step of the way to financial freedom.


I highly appreciate systems that offer some special features to enhance your trading. Just like the Profits Eternity software and its stop-loss capability.

Really useful in lots of situations, it has saved me quite some risky investments I did manually.

Roger, 44, Belfast

Profits Eternity has one of the most reliable systems among all trading robots I have tried or currently trade with. I just know that my funds are safe when I turn on the assistance feature. And it also achieves impressive success rates.

I guess this is thanks to its stop-loss feature. This is definitely a great Forex robot.

Michelle, 36, Lyon


Profits Eternity quickly managed to built itself a reputation of a reliable trading system. It is free of charge, its accuracy has been confirmed and verified by independent investors and has some very useful and advantageous features.

Our investigation led us to the conclusion that Profits Eternity is not a scam and you can rely on it for generating online profits.

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