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New online trading solutions are released every day in the dozens. The fraudulent and fake ones have the tendency to vanish like the wind once they’ve managed to gimmick thousands of people. Their only goal usually is to take as much of the earnings available in a bank account. And then the whole system is vanishes into thin air. With this statement we are far from declaring every software to be a scam. We just want to say that some solutions have more positive features than others. And this is quite normal.

irish method

The Irish Method which is created by Jason Flanagan appears to be a promising addition to the trading systems, but is it so in reality. Our online inquiry shows that it generates quite the mixed feedback from the web-based investment community. Here is some more information on it.

Can the Irish Method be Considered Legit or a Scam?

Traders’ reactions to it have been swifting between the positive and negative direction. Which makes us unable to categorize it as a legit solution or deem it a scam software. One of the first signs that everything is alright with a trading system is the users’ feedback. Well, here we have a mixture of opinions from which it is very difficult to draw a conclusion. Traders seem to agree that the computer algorithm works. They state that it send accurate signals. But creator Jason Flanagan claims that it possesses an accuracy rate of above 95%.

Which sounds like an unrealistic and fabricated proclamation. Some investment robots go as far as to claim that they guarantee you a 100% probability of profiting. Don’t believe them. Claims like this one are against all odds.

It would be best for investors to wait a little bit before beginning to trade with the Irish Method. More feedback needs to be accumulated before it is safe to do so. Chances are that it might turn out to be a scam.

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How Much Does the Irish Method Cost?

This trading software is free. The registration and sign up do not require the trader to transfer any monetary amount to the Forex trading software. There is no charge. If you have made a firm decision on which assets you prefer trading with, then you can just enter an initial deposit that varies from $250. Our investigation found no other fees investors are obliged to pay.

How Does the Irish Method Operate?

The trading software does not require its users to be professional investors. They can start as unexperienced newbies who have no previous knowledge of this type of systems. This is possible because of the assistance trading mode. It presumably has access to millions of bytes of information. Thus, it is able to sort out only the most relevant and current data. It then sends signals. It can perform all analyzes and help you to choose what and when to trade.

Special Features of the Irish Method

The trading opportunity has several distinct features. Read below to find out which ones are they:

  • 24/7 Support: If you happen to have questions, you can just log in for a live chat. There is no fee for the consultation.
  • Assistance Trading Mode: As we have already mentioned it takes and completes all analyzes so the trader can take decisions.
  • Operates with All Devices: It streams equally well on Mac, Android or Linux. It’s also available for online streaming.


How to Get Started With the Irish Method?

It is quite easy to begin trading with the Irish Method. One only has to execute the following steps:

  • Sign Up: Only with name and email.
  • Choose a Broker: There’s an extensive list available.
  • Place Initial Deposit: The minimum is $250.
  • Begin Trading: Choose manual or assistance mode.

Final Thoughts on the Irish Method

t10SIG_high_risk_stampThere is insufficient data on this online investment platform. Reactions from the online trading community have also been mixed. Some people are satisfied by the results the Irish Method has generated for them. On the other hand, others have been complaining about existing withdrawal problems and inaccuracy of signals.

Until there is more available information, we are unable to recommend it as a legitimate system. Nor state that it is a scam. Traders are advised to wait for more verifiable and solid facts to come up. Before this happens, it would be best for them to turn to a confirmed to be reliable and trustworthy Forex investment solution.

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