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BrokerICE9 Technology
Official Website URLwww.ice9technology.com
Support TypesLive Chat, E-mail, Phone
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Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Mater Card, Maestro, OK Pay, Neteller
Number of Assets70+
Overall Score8.9/10

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Trading Forex is a business which can be compared to the underwater stream in an ocean. It could be profitable or financially disappointing. There are many scam systems out on the Internet whose sole purpose is to win considerable monetary amounts only to their creators. And then they disappear. But when an investor manages to find a working Forex solutions, it is a rare but fine income-increasing opportunity.

The sphere of online investment solutions has recently been joined by the ICE 9 Technology Software. In this review we’re going to analyze the available data and found out whether the Forex trading software manages to fulfill what its creators have promised.

Review Verdict: ICE 9 Technology is NOT a Scam

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The ICE 9 Technology General Information

This online investment system was created by founder and lead designer Aaron Palmer. He explains that growing up in the Silicon Valley gave him the impression that big profits come when good technology performs its tasks well. His inspiration for the establishment of ICE9Technology came while he was working on a website together with a group of friends. Palmer realized that the search engine Google requires 45 minutes after the upload of a certain content before discovering it.



Review Verdict: ICE 9 Technology is NOT a Scam

Visit ICE 9 Technology Website

He came to the conclusion that there is no existing Forex investment robot that is able to process information exactly at the moment when a current event happens. What was a project involving a data compression program quickly turned into an online trading software.

Aaron Palmer, Svete Katz, who is the Marketing Director, and John Farraday, CEO of City Group, all claim to have developed the ‘edge’ on the financial market. We’re going to see in this review if they’ve executed it correctly.

Is The ICE9Technology Legit System Or a Scam?

Beta-testing for this trading system in particular has proven that its assistance mode can generate correct assets predictions in about 83 of 100 conducted investments. This high success rate was the reason for its recent release on the market.

ice9techn results new

It does have a very fair chance of becoming the first trading software that has instantaneous and prompt access to all data about ongoing global events. Its results have proven that it receives information at the very second it happens. The ICE 9 Technology then re-directs this data towards the traders.

Mr. Parker and Mr. Farraday’s main goal was to exclude the latency factor from the equation to success. All signs speak that they may have managed to fulfill it. Apart from the good results the Forex solution has been achieving, users satisfaction rates have also been extremely positive. This is quite unusual for the Forex investment sphere. Especially, if a software is brand new.

But at least for now and based on the results shown, the ICE9Technology appears to be legit.

How Much Does The ICE 9 Technology Cost?

Nothing. The sign up process for this investment system is completely free. Traders are not acquired to make any kind of initial investment other that the deposit that enables you to trade. But this amount is utilized entirely by the users. It does not go to the creators of the software. Therefore, the ICE 9 Technology.

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How To Get Started with the ICE 9 Technology?

It is actually a very simple and smooth procedure. The Forex robot has a very easy-to-navigate-through interface. Everything is there, right in front of the eyes of the trader. If you would like to learn more on how to get started with this software, please read below:

  1. Sign Up: It’s free and one only has to type in his legitimate name and email address.
  2. Place Initial Deposit: It is in the amount of $250 and must be put into the account of the investor so he can begin trading with the system. This is the normal monetary quantity that is required by most Forex solutions.
  3. Pick A Broker: There is a very extensive list from which to choose.
  4. Decide On An Asset: The ICE 9 Technology operates with all the four main categories: currencies, commodities, stocks and indices.
  5. Withdrawal: Everyone who would like to take advantage of the earned profits can do so simply by sending a signed request. He has to then await approval. After the approval is confirmed, one has to wait between 3 and 5 business days for the winning to reach his bank account.

The ICE 9 Technology Special Features

This Forex investment solution has many special features. It is best for users to check them up for themselves. The computer codes are extremely quick and based on user commentaries really manage to direct accurate signals to traders most of the time. This makes the assistance trading mode very efficient. The interface is quite user-friendly and its’ professionally executed design is eye-catching.

Professional traders who use the ICE 9 Technology are offered free 1 on 1 Investment Webinars.

Final Thoughts

The ICE 9 Technology Software is still new so we can not confirm with 100% certainty that it is bug-free.

But so far, traders’ feedback and the shown results turn the scales towards the positive direction. This Forex trading system is probably legit and safe to be used as a profit-increasing solution. Users should not hesitate to use it.


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