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The introduction of online robots has made the process of achieving investment success a lot simpler and easier. We came across the Free Money Guaranteed System which claims to improve trading results to a great extent.

The name of the creator is Bobby Anderson who supposedly is an experienced investor who has operated on Wall Street throughout most of his life. There is not much information available about him on the Internet and he is most likely a fabricated persona.

free money guaranteed

FreeMoneyGuaranteed Software’s success rate is given as 85% but user feedback suggests that the trading robot is not capable of generating such high sums. There have been very few people who have managed to amplify their online earnings.

Another disturbing factor are the many complaints concerning the solution’s withdrawal procedure. Our best advice to traders would be to regard the system as certainly dubious and a likely scam.

What is Free Money Guaranteed System?

FreeMoneyGuaranteed Software can not be used to make the right predictions about the movement of asset price on the financial markets. Its creator Mr. Bobby Anderson states that the main purpose of the online system is to simplify the process of trading.

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Much to the disappointment of online users who were hyped by the above made claims and proceeded to sign up with the robot, this is not true. The income-generating solution is incapable of issuing accurate signals on a daily basis and investors have been accumulating only losses.

How to Get Started with FreeMoneyGuaranteed?

Even though we generally advise against signing up with this software because it is not working properly, we are going to describe how to get started with it for the sake of objectivity and freedom of information.

Traders do not have to pay anything for this trading software. It is available completely free-of-charge, if one does not count the starting deposit of $250 which has to be placed obligatory. This, however, is a standard procedure in the sphere and does not mean that the system offers anything unique.

One has to enter his best details into the sign up form and create an account with their assigned broker. FreeMoneyGuaranteed System operates with some rather shady and unregulated Forex brokers.


Withdrawals are not as quick and hassle-free as is promised by Bobby Anderson. Most users have experienced serious troubles when trying to withdraw their earnings. What would normally require the filling out of a simple a form and the appliance of a personal ID copy is turned into a tedious procedure.

The summarized version of how to get started with the Forex software goes on like this:

1. Free Sign Up

2. Place Initial Deposit

3. Trade

Interesting Fact:

Special features are usually the core thing which makes legit Forex robots work. They help traders control and adjust risk levels so they can make more winning trades and avoid losing ones. The software is web based and simple to use. Most profit-amplifying solutions also provide a manual and assistance mode as well as 24/7 customer support that provides guidance and advice.

Is FreeMoneyGuaranteed System a Scam or Legit?

There is a very high likelihood that Free Money Guaranteed is a scam because it is directly linked and operates in close partnership with devious online investment platforms. During our initial investigation into it, we found out that the prevailing feedback about the software is negative.

There are only a handful of positive reviews about the solution. Traders are experiencing serious problems with deposits and withdrawals. Free Money Guaranteed is not a system that one can entrust for taking care of his investment needs and that can meet standard financial requirements.

Final Thoughts

t10SIG_high_risk_stampThis review draws the line on FreeMoneyGuaranteed Software with the logical conclusion that it is not a reliable and trustworthy Forex system. The ongoing troubles with the withdrawal procedure as well as its complete inability to generate sufficient profits go to prove that it is 100% dubious and a likely scam.


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