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BrokerFinTech Ltd
Official Website URLwww.fintech-ltd.com
Support TypesLive Chat, Phone, Contact Form, E-mail
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Wire Transfer, Neteller, CashU
Number of Assets80+
Overall Score9.6/10

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The Forex auto-trading systems, also called Forex robots, are becoming especially popular with traders of various levels of proficiency. One such Forex investment application is FinTech Ltd created by Daniel Roberts and released several months ago.

Among the advantages of using FinTech Limited is the fully automated trading process, which allows both new and seasoned traders to profit. At the same time the system doesn’t require them to spend long hours in front of the computer.

This is especially useful for those who have busy schedules or want to reach larger trading volumes. FinTech Ltd. also has several distinct special features, which make it stand out among other Forex systems. Among them fall the opportunity to carry out reverse trading and to adjust the risk levels according to the user’s very own preferences.

We conducted an exclusive investigation into Fintech in order to determine whether it is scam or legit. The results are presented in the present review.

How to Work with FinTech Ltd.?

The FinTech Ltd. robot is a powerful software that scans the markets, identifies investment opportunities and then executes multiple trades automatically according to the preferences set by the trader. The Forex trades the software places are in fact the difference in value of a company’s share value over the period of one hour.

That means really significant amount of trades being placed within this time period, due to the fact there are over 2600 companies that trade only in the United Kingdom.


The robot’s interface is intuitive and with a simple layout, so traders can easily spot everything they need and optimize their trading performance. A major advantage of the FinTech robot is the variety of customizable options, because that gives traders unique control over the execution of trades, while also saving a lot of time.

After traders set their preferences the robot starts executing trades according to them, but they can always choose to change those parameters. The software continues to work even when a trader is not online.

Interesting Fact:

Nowadays traders can choose from all sorts of Forex trading systems. With the expansion of the Forex sector, brokers and trading platform providers have been improving and upgrading the systems in order to attract more traders with new functionalities. There are also other trading systems available on the market including social trading networks and Forex robots.

No Download Required

Users are not required to carry out any additional downloading of software or updates. Fintech Ltd. is entirely web-based and will work on any given device, without view if it is a desktop or smart one. It will also operate in a hassle-free manner on any given browser.

How to Start With FinTech Ltd?

Each trader has to pick an asset to invest in. One can choose from a variety of tradable assets including stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs. Afterwards, users can use the wide range of settings to optimize their trading process and apply diverse strategies.

Traders have to open an account by completing a quick and free of charge registration where they have to provide their contact information. At this stage they are not required to deposit any money.

When traders feel ready to start trading, they have to make a deposit and set their personal preferences. Then the software will begin executing trades achieving significantly profitable results.

The final step is to withdraw the earnings one has accumulated from trading.

Using the FinTech robot is easy and can be described with the following simple steps:

  1. Free Sign Up
  2. Enter $250 Deposit
  3. Trade & Profit


The most important thing about financial trading is, of course, accumulate significant amount profits. FinTech is an efficient and flexible solution with a wide range of customizable settings and features, which allows traders to achieve optimal returns on their investment.

The estimated return on the initial deposit of Fintech Ltd. is 80% which is more than good.

Review Verdict: FinTech is NOT a Scam

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Opening an account with the FinTech auto-trading robot doesn’t cost anything. Registration is free of charge and traders don’t have to deposit any money before they decide to start trading. Once a new trader feels ready to trade he has to fund his trading account in order to be able to invest.

The initial deposit users make is only used for placing trades and nothing else. Therefore, if they just want to see what FinTech Ltd. offers, they can sign up and check out the services before deciding whether to commit to a monetary deposit.

The main reason this Forex trading system provides free access is that the more trading data it collects from its users, the more accurate and profitable it becomes. The number of open spots per day is limited to just 7 new ones.

Is FinTech Ltd. Scam or Not?

FinTech Ltd. is a fully automated Forex trading software with various customizable features and settings, which allows trades to execute large trading volumes without dedicating extended periods of time to monitoring the markets.

A good indicator that shows whether a Forex robot is a scam is other traders’ feedback. After researching what traders think about the FinTech Ltd. robot, we couldn’t find any serious complaints and it looks like this Forex robot provides satisfactory services.

The automated trading software has an excellent success rate, solid characteristics and our investigation has proven that it is a legit and reliable mean by which one can amplify his online earnings.

Customer Support Service

One of Fintech Ltd.’s best features is the friendly customer support service. It can be reached via live chat, Skype and email. The team works 24/7 in order to ensure that trader’s needs and concerns are being catered to and promptly addressed.

User Testimonial

“Fintech Ltd. is one of the top Forex robots which I have tested. I opened my account with it a couple of months ago, when I was knee-high in debts. I had recently lost my job and was desperately trying to figure out how exactly am I going to make ends meet.

Now, thanks to the profit-amplifying system’s wonderful features, I am enjoying life to the fullest!”

 – Olivia Abaroa, 33, Madrid, Spain


This review concludes that Fintech Ltd. is a trustworthy and legit piece of Forex automated software. It has connections only with reputable and regulated broker platforms and is widely regarded as having some of the best special features in this particular sphere of online finance. Users can safely proceed to sign up with it.

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