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BrokerCrypto Infographic
Official Website URLwww.CryptocurrencyInfographic.com
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVisa, MasterCard, Maestro, BitCoin, Ethereum, Monero, Wire Transfer, Skrill Moneybookers, Sofort
Overall Score9.1/10

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Launched in 2017, Crypto Infographic is an online trading system that facilitates investments in the crypto currency markets. The crypto currency or digital currency markets are booming and with the rapidly increasing price of crypto assets, there is no doubt that many traders are looking to get involved in this market. There is no better way to break into the digital currency trading world than with the support of a software system like Crypto Infographic. Designed by experts for novices and experienced traders, this trading system has the potential to meet the trading expectations of everyone.

In this brief review, we will take a look at all the important facts about Crypto Infographic and the things makes it a powerful trading system.

How to Use Crypto Infographic?

Crypto Infographic is an easy to use trading system. It is an excellent program that can be used on assistance mode.

The software is integrated with some of the well-known brokers from the trading industry. The brokers are reliable and do not have scam elements attached. Basically, traders can be assured that their investment capital is in safe hands when using Crypto Infographic.

A quick sign up process is initiated when it comes to using the software. Following successful sign up, traders can gain access to the system and use it as desired. The settings of the system are configurable which means that they can be changed any time depending on the preference of the trader.

Review Verdict: CryptoCurrency Infographic is Not a Scam
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The online nature of Crypto Infographic makes the entire trading process easy. Since the software operates on its own, there is very little on the part of the trader that needs to be done. The software performs trading actions by itself without relying on intervention from traders.

Good to Know:

In July 2017, the number of crypto currencies available was below 1000. Within just 5 months, more than 300 new crypto currencies were introduced to the market. It can be said that at least 50 new digital currencies are introduced every month. While Bitcoin remains at the top of their game, it is quite possible for any team that knows how to code and has time and money to create a new digital currency and bring it to the market.

How To Get Started?

There is nothing complicated about setting up an account with Crypto Infographic and getting started with digital currency trading.

  • Fill Up the Form – you must provide your details such as your name and email in the form that is available on their website.
  • Make a Deposit – when you are designated a broker, you must register with them and make a deposit of at least $250.
  • Trade – you can choose the crypto assets you want to invest in, set parameters and allow the software to trade on your behalf. When you have accumulated earnings, you can make withdrawal requests.

Is Crypto Infographic Scam or Legit?

Crypto Infographic is undoubtedly a legit system. Since its launch, it has managed to help a number of people become success cryptocurrency traders. The aim with which the software was launched has been achieved. It has received positive reviews and ratings and people who have tried it have also give it a very positive response.

It appears that Crypto Infographic is here to stay. With the ever-expanding digital currency markets, there is a need for such systems to exist. Those who don’t have any skills in trading can use to generate revenue effortlessly. Basically, anyone can use this software to enhance their returns on investments.

Yes, we do understand that there are a lot of scams going around. Software programs are being duplicated to steal investment capital from traders. But Crypto Infographic is not like one of those shady programs. It is a credible, trustworthy and legitimate trading system.

Customer Support

In addition to checking out the software and performing a thorough investigation, we were also compelled to take a look at the quality of customer support service they offer. What happens if traders are faced with problems or technical issues? What if someone has a question and needs clarification? Keeping these questions in mind, we approached them via all the different means of communication they offer including live chat, email and phone.

Review Verdict: Crypto Infographic is Not a Scam
Visit Crypto Infographic Official Website


Our experience with their support representatives was very good. Emails take a longer time to be looked into. But queries over phone and live chat are dealt with promptly. Support is available during normal trading hours. Looking at the efficiency and promptness of the team, we advise traders to use the live chat features and phone numbers when trying to contact them.


In this review we have given you all the main reasons as to why this software is genuine and legit. Now, the only thing that is left is giving it a try. We strongly advise you to sign up for this trading system and see for yourself how well it works and what it can offer you. But unless you register, you won’t understand the power of it.

Crypto Infographic is an excellent software with a vast range of innovative features. It is safe and reliable and deserves a recommendation from our team.

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