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Trading with different types of assets on the online market field proves to be a really profitable way for income-increasing purposes. People who are willing to try it become more and more every single day and the reason is that they see how easy, fast and profitable this investment options is. As a result, a wide range of trading systems provide similar services to people who want to become online traders. However, not all of them are real profit-triggering solutions.

In fact, a lot of scams are operating out there and they only wait for new users to take funds from. So, people should beware them and be sure to work only with legit and authentic online trading systems, especially when it comes to Forex online trading. In this review we are going to inspect a new platform that claims to be successful profits generator – The Cobalt Code System presented and owned by Grant Stone.

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The CobaltCode System by Grant Stone – Overview

Mr. Stone presents himself as a former mid level worker in the Cobalt mines of Madagascar with a 21 years of experience in the area. However, he is born in Connecticut USA but spent half of his life away from his family. The story continues with the statement oh how Grant Stone has made a massive fortune by trading Cobalt with the help of his later developed trading software. The strange fact here is that users are promised to get access to the CobaltCode for free and earn between 12 and 17 thousand dollars every single day.

Maybe because becoming a millionaire is something that is offered for free? We deeply doubt this to be the whole story behind the platform.


The Cobalt Code System – Is It Scam?

After the research we conducted, we discovered that there is a great possibility that all the people, that show up in the promo video of the system are paid actors. Moreover, there is no available proof confirming that a person called Grant Stone actually exists and he is the man people can see in the clip. Therefore, all the testimonials recorded may not be made by real members of the software. Another interesting revealing we were able to make was the fact that despite the fact Mr. Grant claims that his system does not trade Forex and that it is not an online trading robot, in fact it is exactly that. Stone says that the generated by him trading signals refer to cobalt, but his system trade Forex and there isn’t Forex on Cobalt.

As a result, we cannot say with 100% certainty that the CobaltCode system is scam but as for now we do not recommend it to people who want to be dealing with a reliable and legit online trading partner.

Did you Know?

The Ambatovy mine which is located in Madagascar – off the east coast of Africa, is one of the largest lateritic nickel mines in the world. Its production capacity is estimated at 60,000 tonnes of nickel and 5,600 tonnes of cobalt yearly. The life of this mine is calculated to last 29 years.

Final Words About The Cobalt Code System

t10SIG_high_risk_stampThe Cobalt Code trading system doesn’t seem to be a reliable and trustworthy forex trading solution, at least for now. That is why we advise users to orientate towards another platform that can actually help them achieve their income-generating goals.

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