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BrokerBrooks Blueprint
Official Website URLwww.brooksblueprint.com
Free Demo Account No
Overall Score3.4/10

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Our experience as Forex traders and investigators has taught the team at Top10BinarySignals that the bigger the promises made by a given system, the higher the chance for it to be a scam. But sometimes, huge exceptions might happen and the Forex industry is joined by a profitable income generating solution that is presented as highly performing.

The Brooks Blueprint promises very high payouts and returns, zero losses and significant profits with no effort and in no time.


But is the Forex solution Brooks Blueprint by Steven Brooks legitimate and authentic? It is already known to the industry and the active Forex traders. So, is it a scam or you can actually use it for profit? Read our detailed review to find out.

How to Get Started?

The BrooksBlueprint software is free of charge. It is compatible with brokers with mixed reputation. The minimum required deposit is the industry standard of $250. The amount per trade you can invest is $25 and you gain access to various option types and assets.

Here is what you have to do in order to get the whole trading experience with Brooks Blueprint:

  • Sign Up – you get a free-license to use Brooks Blueprint but it will stay like that for a limited amount of time. The access to the software is also limited.
  • Trade – activate the trading mode and the software will start executing trades in your stead. You can choose whether to activate some of the other functions of Brooks Blueprint but there is no guarantee they will work as promised.
  • Withdraw Profits – you can submit withdrawal request through your profile with your assigned broker. According to users’ reports, the procedure might take more than 12 business days. There is a lot of feedback on delayed or blocked withdrawals.

We advise you against signing up with the Brooks Blueprint.

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Steven Brooks’ Brooks Blueprint

Steven Brooks’ background is very interesting and peculiar for a creator of a Forex robot he worked for six years in a power plant. His wife used to work as a bookkeeper and had a strong sense for numbers. Brooks’ determination to give him and his family a better life and stable financial status led him to the creation of the Brooks Blueprint software.

In our experience, this comes as just another sad story, trying to give the scammers motivation. We are not ready to believe it.

Brooks Blueprint – Scam or Not?

The creator and his team claim to have invested funds, time and efforts into the creation of this trading system. Despite that, they did not manage to provide a high level of user-friendliness achieved in the creation process.

From what we found out, it becomes clear that for many people is very confusing to navigate through the Brooks Blueprint interface.

Our investigation shows that it is not a reliable trading partner – its results are not verified by our team or other traders. We are inclined to believe Brooks Blueprint is a scam, and not a reliable system.

What to Expect of BrooksBlueprint?

Brooks Blueprint is an online trading solution. You can also trade manually, based on your own personal experience and decisions. We think this would be a safe choice if you join this not approved robot.


BrooksBlueprint also offers two special features which are claimed to help you get the most out of your trading experience. You can choose to either activate or deactivate them, depending on your trading preferences. The features are as follows:

  • Guaranteed Multiplier – the invested trading amount will increase by a certain percentage after making winning trades, so that your gains will increase exponentially.
  • Capital Protection – you will be able to set a safety protocol in motion when you activate the Capital Protection feature and the Forex trading software will not trade above a certain volume or when the market starts changing too fast for the good of your trades.

These features not always work as promised. This, combined with the fact that the promised results are not verified, and even far-fetched, makes us quite skeptical towards Brooks Blueprint. Proceed with caution.

Final Thoughts

We could not find viable proof of profitability and there is no guarantee that the BB Software will generate profits instead of losses. We found a significant amount of negative feedback on the web.

There are also a lot of complaints regarding the customer support service provided by Brooks Blueprint’s team. E-mails often bounce back and when they get through, replies come with a huge delay and without enough helpful information.


t10SIG_high_risk_stampOur investigation enabled us to provide you with unbiased and detailed information on the Brooks Blueprint Forex trading software. Testing results are conclusive – the trading bot by Steven Brooks is not reliable and profitable. It has a much lower success ratio than promised and does not achieve high payouts.

Brooks Blueprint is also equipped with special features which do not always work properly when activated. All in all, we can say that the Brooks Blueprint software is not a safe choice for investing in Forex trading.

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