What is The Bitcoin Loophole System & Is it Scam?
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BrokerBitCoin Loophole
Official Website URLwww.BitCoinLoophole.co
Support TypesEmail
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Maestro, MasterCard, Skrill Moneybookers, Neteller, Wire Transfer
Number of Assets40+
Overall Score9.2/10

Full Review

Bitcoin Loophole is a free software that has been created for investing in bitcoins. The software has been developed by Steve McKay who happens to be a financial expert and a professional investor.

Bitcoin Loophole can be obtained and accessed without any cost. It is fully online which does not require too much engagement from the users’ side when operating it.

Upon performing an investigation on this trading system, we managed to establish that it is a legitimate working tool. The software works to deliver the desired trading results.

Investing with Bitcoin Loophole – The Process

Making investments with Bitcoin Loophole is easy and hassle-free. We have compiled this in-depth review because we are extremely pleased with the way this software works.

Today, there are plenty of bitcoin trading systems available on the market. Of course, there are more scam systems than legit ones available. But, among the ones that truly work to meet the trading requirement of clients is the Bitcoin Loophole.

We can say this with a lot of confidence that Bitcoin Loophole has the potential to generate steady returns on the investments you make.

So far, traders are loving what this software is doing for them. Its algorithms are so powerful that it not only scans the bitcoin markets, but spots opportunities as and when they surface. The software then generates signals as to when it is the right time to buy bitcoins. Basically, when the price drops, it buys CFDs on bitcoins and then when the prices rise, it sells the share. This is how it always ensures that it generates returns for its users.

Review Verdict: BitCoin Loophole is Not a Scam
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Is Download Required?

One of the most interesting characteristics of this trading system is that it can be used on any device. You only need your login details to access your trading account and history. There is no download required. Instead, the software runs on browser and is compatible with all major operating systems.

3 Steps to Join Bitcoin Loophole

It is possible to participate in this investment program by following 3 simple steps. Let’s take a look.

  • Fill out the Form – signing up for the software is the initial and the most important step.
  • Join a Broker – the software will assign a top cryptocurrency broker with whom traders must register and make a deposit.
  • Activate and Trade – the settings of the software are highly configurable and as soon as it is activated, it will begin producing signals and making trades.

Interesting Fact:

With a system like Bitcoin Loophole, traders can enjoy consistent and unemotional trading. Perhaps the biggest advantage it offers is that it eliminates emotions and allows traders to meet their objective of protecting their capital investment.

Pricing Plan

As already mentioned, the cost of the software is zero. While there are no charges or fees associated with using Bitcoin Loophole for trading purposes, it is imperative for traders to understand that they must keep their accounts funded to facilitate transactions.

The minimum deposit requirement from the broker is $250. Traders are however free to deposit as much as they wish.

Is Bitcoin Loophole Safe?

Traders will always have their doubts whenever a new investment software is launched. Due to the prevalence of bogus trading tools and the fact that many people have been scammed, it is natural to see every new software with suspicion.

Experts say that traders must read reviews and do their own homework before signing up with any trading software. We also take the onus on us to investigate and compile reviews about systems we believe are legit and has the potential to deliver exceptional results.

Regarding Bitcoin Loophole, we are of the opinion that it is a safe and reliable investment tool. There are not many cryptocurrency trading programs that provides as many analysis tools and technical indicators as Bitcoin Loophole.

Review Verdict: BitCoin Loophole is Not a Scam
Visit BitCoin Loophole Official Website


Executing trades with this system is easy, fast and profitable as well. It gives traders the option to trade using both assistance and manual trading features. It does all the analyzes for its users, which makes it one of the best bitcoin investment systems on the market.

Another thing that we believe is worth mentioning is that Bitcoin Loophole engages genuine brokers only. Those brokers compatible with the system are phenomenal. There are no scam elements or shady connections associated with Bitcoin Loophole.

Everything related to this system is neat and clean which suggests that it is genuine and trustworthy. Feedback flowing from the trading community is also positive and we are happy with the results the software has managed to produce so far.

Good to Know:

According to a recently published survey, bitcoin will go a long way before it reaches the tipping point. Currently, it is the most popular cryptocurrency and although it is highly volatile in nature, it is the best crypto asset for speculation. As of December, 2017, one unit of bitcoin was worth over $13,800 and its value continues to increase.

Customer Support

Support service remains a top notch feature of Bitcoin Loophole. Comprised of educated and professionally trained representatives, support is offered in a timely manner. The modes of communication include live chat, email and telephone.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin Loophole is certainly the real deal when it comes to making successful and fruitful investments in bitcoins. The developer keeps upgrading the system, ensuring that it produces consistent results and gains for its users.

Anyone who is looking for a rewarding trading experience can try Bitcoin Loophole without any worries. The software works perfectly well and its performance is excellent. This is the reason we recommend it wholeheartedly and urge traders to check it out.

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