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BrokerBinary Option Signals
Official Website URLwww.binary-option-signals.com
Support TypesLive Chat, Phone, E-mai
PayoutLow Winning Rate
Free Demo Account No
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Wire Transfer, Skrill
Number of Assets50+
Overall Score1.7/10

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Binary Option Signals is a signal provider that has been developed by GOptions. GOptions was launched in 2009 and since it has been through some ups and downs, providing traders with a range of tools with questionable quality. Among these tools is the launched Binary Option Signals which offers an auto trading solution to help them maximize their gains and minimize losses.

The Binary Option Signals software was said to be exclusive to the traders of GOptions. They have made the effort to attract more clients given the difficulties they have been experiencing. But there is no guarantee that the software would work properly.

What the Binary Option Signals does is that it replicates the moves of the experienced professionals. It provides a social trading platform where traders can join a community, observe the moves of other traders, get insight from professionals and learn the basics of binary options trading.

binary options signals

It is said to help them copy the moves of professionals even if they don’t have any prior knowledge in binary options trading. These kinds of trading platforms can be very dangerous as they might not be able to the minimize risk of placing losing trades due to inexperience. Because the investors you get the chance to copy might be just as inexperienced as you are. There are no guarantees that you will truly be copying professionals.

How Does Binary Option Signals Work?

You must have a trading account with GOptions to be able to use the Binary Option Signals signal provider. Once you fund your trading account, you will get access to the Binary Option Signals marketplace where you will find a list of signal providers. This is a trick to lure you into signing up with the broker and this poses a potential risk for your investments.

The platform is promoted as a place where you don’t have to be a professional trader to understand how the Binary Option Signals work. Because you can trade like a pro just by following the moves of the expert traders. But this expertise has not been verified.


If you are looking for a secure platform with a genuine background and capabilities, we recommend the HBSwiss forex software.

In addition to that, all the different signal providers have a detailed description of their services and costs. This means you will have to make additional payments when you choose a provider and link your trading account to that provider to get signals from them. These signals are basically the trades they execute which you can replicate but they have questionable reliability.

The software is automated, you don’t have to do anything except fund your account, customize the settings, allocate the amount of money you want to trade with and watch how trades are replicated. As soon as a trade is executed by the provider you have subscribed to, the same will be replicated into all the trading accounts that are linked to the provider. If it is a winning trade, you get a profit and if it is a losing trade, you don’t get anything. Our investigation shows that the rate of losing investments is significant.

Binary Option Signals Accuracy

The Binary Option Signals is a low accuracy service. At this point, it is not possible to estimate exactly how accurate the service is because there are different signal providers and each of them has a different level of accuracy, most of which are below average. Most of the time the providers are around 50% accurate, tend to generate predominantly losing trades. This is the reason, it is essential to study their trading history carefully before you subscribe to their services. We advise caution!

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Binary Option Signals Software

Traders can avail the Binary Option Signals software after funding their GOptions trader account. After this, you can subscribe to the signal provider of your choice with the click of a button. The signal providers are listed in the marketplace and each of them has a description of their services, costs, and features. Their live trading history is updated on a daily basis so you can choose a provider based on what they have to offer and how accurate their signals are.

Unfortunately, while we investigated, we were not able to confirm that the information is accurate and answers to reality.

The Binary Option Signals software is said to do all the hard work involved in investigating expert traders and the moves they are making. If you subscribe to a provider and they send a signal, then the trade is automatically replicated into all those accounts which are linked to the provider.

But this implies that the investigations are carried out by people who are biased and involved with the platform itself and their opinion is not objective. As a trader, you have to worry about the possible strategies as you will be copying the trades of traders that might be frauds.

Binary Option Signals Features

The Binary Option Signals come with a range of features that are not proven to be helpful for making trading easy. The platform is not flexible and user-friendly enough, and fails to allow traders to customize its settings so that they don’t have to do anything when it comes to executing trades.

One of the best features of the Binary Option Signals is its Manual Mode feature. When you activate this feature, trades will not be replicated automatically, but you will be given the opportunity to observe the trades, the strategies used by traders and manually place trades that you think will be profitable.

This is probably the better way to trade using the software since its auto trading mode where trades are replicated automatically without any input from traders is not proven to be reliable.

Is Binary Options Signals Scam?

Our investigation discovered significant problems and signs of malpractice with the platform that is offered for automated and copy trading. Its parent broker GOptions is widely discussed as unreliable in the industry. All in all, we fear that the Binary Options Signals Experts is scam and you should avoid it.

Final Overview of Binary Options Signals

Binary Options Signals is an automated copy trading platform integrated with the GOptions broker. It lacks in features and there is no way to verify that the investors you would be copying are reliable and not frauds. We found a number of complaints regarding the software. As investigators, we have come across dozens of automated signal providers. We do not consider the Binary Options Signals Experts is a safe choice. Consider a better alternative instead of this scam.


After making a thorough research, our team of investigators concluded that there are better signal providers than Binary Options Signals . We browsed the web and forums and found many traders that were unsatisfied with the performance of this signal provider.

We cannot confirm if this signal provider is legitimate or not, that’s why we recommend you to Proceed to Safety by choosing one of the High-Rated and Accurate Signals providers trusted by Top10BinarySignals.com





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