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Dealing with online trading is a task that requires a level of tremendous attention to all the aspects involved. There are many fraudulent software systems on the market and this makes the process of finding a legit one even more difficult. Each trading robot, especially in the field of binary options trading, promises an extremely high rate of profitability and almost instant success in the investment process.

However, so many of the automated solutions fail to reach this goal and award you only with disappointments instead. This leads to a downward spiral of trades with bad outcome. So, finding a legit software is not an easy task at all. It demands careful research and precautions.

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In this review we are going to take a look at the Auto Trader Alpha software and explore its reliability. The robot is designed and developed by Tim Gold, a former employee at a financial software firm in the Silicon Valley and an year income of $ 500,000. He has quit his job and has developed the ATA robot, now earning up to five times more than before, just by working for two hours a day. Based on an undisclosed Wall Street algorithm, Mr. Gold has managed to create a profitable system, that based on his claims earns money instead of the trader.

Is Auto Trader Alpha a Scam or Legit?

This is maybe the utmost important question to be asked, because its answer defines if you are going to lose your money or to make more by trading binary options. There are way too many automated solutions that claim to be legit but in the end you find out that they are just another scam program, pretending to be a profitable deal. The market is so overwhelmed that it is a combination of good luck, chance and extensive research to find a reliable and legitimate binary options robot.

When you visit the landing page of the Auto Trader Alpha program, you are going to see a video, that reveals the goals, the motives and the history of its creator, Mr. Tim Gold. He makes a detail analysis of how he ended up with binary option robot developed that he himself developed.

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The professional background, the financial experience and knowledge he had gathered in his life, and more specifically at his previous job, has supposedly given him the possibility and the access needed to use a secluded Wall Street algorithm in his new product. He claims his idea is to share with the ordinary people what he has managed to achieve and to help them feel what making significant profits means in terms of online trading.

The beta-testers results cannot prove beyond a doubt that his job is done and his product is a successful binary option product. Mr. Gold’s personal results also cannot be taken into consideration as they alone don’t constitute a reliable and objective enough validation or criterion.

How Much Does Auto Trader Alpha Cost?

In the minute you open the ATA homepage you are going to see that the software is absolutely free- of-charge for getting access to it. The creator of the automated trading solution says that he wants to share his achievement with ordinary people for free. This is something he declares a couple of times during the video presentation of his product. You only need to provide your name and email address in order to start using the program and benefit from it. The sign up is actually free. Whether traders will earn profits using this binary options system is another matter.

How Does Auto Trader Alpha Work?

As soon as you create your own account in the binary option trading software, you are ready to start. The robot possesses a fully automated mode. It places trades on your behalf, using the unpublished algorithm implemented in it, to allegedly discover the best market options, turning them into genuine profit for you. Or at least that’s what Mr. Gold maintains. We were unable to find any verification of his claims.

No proof of enormous winnings or satisfied traders. Most of the beta-testers are beginners and have no previous trading experience. We could suggest to them to try and find another binary options platform. The same goes for more experienced online investors who are more used to quickly earning considerable amounts of profits. We can not confirm for sure that Auto Trader Alpha will achieve these results for them.

How to Profit with the Auto Trader Alpha Software?

  • Sign Up

  • Choose a broker and an asset and begin to trade

  • Withdrawal

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Unique Features

The Auto Trader Alpha robot offers to the user one or two special features. There is the fully autopilot trading mode. But most binary options trading solutions offer this feature to their users. So it is not very special. Then, there is a 24/7 support which is actually okay. The VIP Members Area also desires more but can be fun for some traders who want to chat with each other.



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  • Relatively New Online Software
  • Test Results Not Positive
  • Must Have a PC, Smartphone or Tablet
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