Inside Option Review

Inside Option promises profitable opportunities and trading satisfaction to its traders. But is Inside Option a Scam or Not?

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After a lot of research about Inside Option’s reliability we couldn’t find the information we needed to come up with a certain conclusion. Traders’ safety is our first concern when investigation for scam brokers and Inside Option has several trader’s comments online that made us question its reliability. As an alternative we have selected the Top Safe Binary Brokers along with detailed and full reviews.

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Inside Option Full Review

The Inside Option trading platform has been in the binary trading industry and it claims to offer a very reliable space for binary options trading. For trading on the Inside Option, the traders are not required to download any additional software or files and they can enjoy web-based real-time experience for binary trading. Though the company presents itself as a reliable trading system, being a new arrival, we cannot assure you that this one is a complete legitimate trading space and all your investments are completely safe.

inside options trading platform

Is Inside Option Legit or is it a Scam?

There are no direct indications or incidents that depict that the company is a scam but at the same time, we do not have any real time proof that the broker is a regulated one. Adding to the insecurity of the traders, there have been reports of such incidents that a trader has deposited $500 which has turned into auto trade without the approval of the specific trader. Though the company claims to have refunded the amount, yet it cannot be assured that your money is completely safe with this broker.

Inside Option Withdrawal Methods

Though you shall avail a free registration but for the initialization of trading you need to make a deposit of $250. The bonus features and advantages are obtained on opening an account but you need to remember in case of binary trading, the more you invest, the more you shall get return. The offers might be tempting but you need to invest very carefully because you cannot be sure what are the hidden clauses in case of the withdrawal methods. The minimum withdrawal is $100 and there is nothing unique in case of deposits and withdrawals.

Inside Option Demo Account

demo accountWe can say that the company offers training session for the inexperienced traders, but we are not sure whether the company offers a demo account or not. Without being provided with a demo account, the traders become really confused whether to invest their money or not. You shall have a lot of trading options starting from the 60 second trading to the long term trading, but all these options will seem to be tough for you if you do not have the experience of a real time trade.

Inside Option Promotions

The major advantage offered by the Inside Option trading platform is that it is easy to use it. The user friendly interface along with the promises for returns of 83% has made the company popular among a lot of users. But you need to consider that the payout of the company is nothing unique in comparison to any other binary traders. At the same time, the company claims to offer the trading platform for the iOS and the Android. You can make free registration but being a newly developing company we are still gathering information.

Inside Option Complaints

Apart from the above mentioned problems, there have been certain issues with the non receiving of the bonus features. Complaints have also been regarding the hidden clause and regulations that inhibits the customers from attaining the money at times of withdrawal. And the long process of withdrawal of 14 days is really frustrating for everybody. There have been reports of the trading amount being transferred to auto trade without trader approval. Considering the above mentioned problems we would suggest you to properly assess Inside Option before investing or to choose approved broker.