One of the hot topics in the online investment sphere in the last couple of years has been the Bitcoin currency. The subject has separated web-based investors into two distinct groups: Bitcoin inamoratas and Bitcoin skeptics.

Because it is so diverse, the e-currency has been quite talked about. Supporters praise the freedom it grants users who put it in use for transactions conduct. While doubters point out the fact that Bitcoin remain unregulated for the greater part. They are also used in the so-called ‘darknet’ or ‘cryptomarkets’ through which unregulated substances and software can be purchased.

This article would like to pay attention to all the details and specifics of the Bitcoin currency.

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Bitcoin Info – Explained

Bitcoin was created and presented to the general Internet community in 2008. Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to design and establish a web-based platform that was capable of performing direct peer-to-peer transactions. His concept turned out to be successful. So, in 2009 Bitcoin was made available as an open-source software to anyone who wanted to operate with a digital-only currency.

Initially praised and utilized only by hackers, it has since been embraced by millions of people who execute trading transactions online.

The main positive and negative sides of Bitcoins lie in the fact that it is unregulated. The e-medium of exchange is not printed by the government of any country. It is instead generated by real people and based on mathematics. Its formula is available to anyone.

Bitcoin Price & Value

price valueJust like any other type of currency, Bitcoin does have a price. One of the people who has criticized the type of e-exchange – Mark T. Williams, claims that it is a form of ‘hyper’ or ‘cyber bubble’ that will collapse in on itself in the upcoming years.

However, Bitcoin has maintained its investment rate at around $400. Mr. Williams’ predictions that it will trade for less than $10 have yet to come true. According to an article published by The Wall Street Journal in 2016, the Bitcoin value is more stable and reliable than commodities such as silver and gold.

His concern are not ill-founded, of course. Bitcoin trading is still regarded as highly volatile, because it remains unregulated. Thus, it can be used as a tool for market manipulations.

Online traders and users, on the other hand, have been quite fond of Bitcoin because it does not acquire any hidden fees for international transfers as some banks do. It is also completely transparent, decentralized from national governments, anonymous and smooth to operate with. The main negative side is that Bitcoin is non-refundable. Once an amount is sent, it can not be received back.

Bitcoin Mining

While different countries’ national banks have the habit of printing monetary amounts. And devaluing their value by doing so. Bitcoins are instead ‘searched’ and ‘mined’ for. The process is executed entirely by computers. A main network that Satoshi Nakamoto invented gathers all the data that is available about the conducted transactions. This process is fully online and close to nothing is left to chance.

The list of transactions carried out during an appointed time period is called a block. They have to be written into a general ledger. When a block is completed – it has to be processed. All the data it contains is run through a mathematical formula. It is thus transformed into something else. Which is referred to as a hash.

The hash is basically a random sequence of numbers and letters. And this is what Bitcoin mining at its core.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoins can usually be bought through Internet exchange or are directly sold by online traders and users on certain virtual marketplaces. Everything depends on where one is located and the person one is purchasing them from.

Newcomers need to get familiar with different Bitcoin Wallets and exchange systems. But buying Bitcoins is an uncomplicated process. It can be accomplished via wire transfers, bank transactions and even with some crypto currencies. Surprisingly, it is not easy to complete the purchase through PayPal or a credit card.

Bitcoin Trading

Due to the specific nature of this digital asset, all retail numbers are only estimates. According to the business development head of a Hong Kong company for cryptocurrency technology – Tim Swanson , in 2014, daily trades in the retail sector made with bitcoin are worth about $2.3 million. In addition, he explains that, as of February 2015, for retail transactions have been used fewer than 5000 bitcoins daily (worth about $1.2 million at that time).

Finally, Mr. Swanson states that it seems like there has been a very little or no increase in retail trading operations that have usedbitcoin in 2014. With the given information, it is obvious enough that this online currency is not very popular in its use as a retail trades payment source.

Bitcoin Sell and Buy

Bitcoins can be sold and bought online as well as offline. Participants in online exchange place bitcoin buy and sell bids. Using this method of exchange in order to gain bitcoins hides some risk, due to the fact that according to a study published in April 2013, 45% of deals for online exchange of bitcoins fail and in the end traders’ bitcoins are lost, too.

buy sell

Offline, bitcoins may be sold or bought directly from an individual in the most commonly spread cases. However, due to the fact this is only a virtual currency, its buying and selling is an unstable process that is highly possible to lead to great losses for all the participants, involved in it.

Bitcoin Currency

This is one of the many but definitely the most powerful digital assets and payment systems. It is invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, who announced his product in 2008 and released it as open-source software in 2009.The system connects the participants which means that the transaction operations are executed directly between them, without a mediator.These transactions are then verified by network nodes. Afterwards, they are recorded in a public ledger called ”block chain”.

Due to the fact this currency doesn’t have central storehouse or administrator, the U.S. Treasury describes this online currency as a decentralized digital asset. It is also called the first crypto currency, although prior systems existed so it is more appropriate to be said that bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. In addition, it is the largest of its kind in terms of total market value.

Bitcoin Exchange

In order for a person to send bitcoins, he should have two things available: a private key and a bitcoin address. The first one is generated randomly, and is a sequence of numbers and letters. The private key is in fact the same thing, but unlike the address, it should be kept in secret.

Bitcoin address resembles a safe deposit case with a transparent surface. Everyone knows what is in it, but only the private key can unlock it. When a person who owns bitcoins wants to execute exchange he should pick the amount of bitcoins he wants to send. Then they are being taken from his bitcoin wallet and go into the bitcoins network. After that, the bitcoin miners verify the exchange and resolve it.