borThe Binary Option Robot is one of the best auto trading systems available on the market today. It is a great choice for traders regardless of their expertise and skills. As soon as you sign up, you get access to the basic account. However, you can also upgrade to the VIP membership when you make referrals.

For every referral you make, you get 2 months of VIP status for FREE. You cannot purchase the VIP account, but you can get an upgrade when you refer your friends to sign up for the Binary Option Robot. Having this type of account also allows you to get access to their ProTraders.

The Binary Option Robot ProTraders are actually signal service providers that can allow traders to have more control when it comes to placing trades. The three signal providers that investors had previously access to included ProTrader Mircea, ProTrader Sergiy and ProTrader Katrina. Today, there are two more which includes ProTrader Avangard and Liberty.

So let’s have a look at the Binary Option Robot ProTraders and their Results.

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ProTrader Katrina

When it comes to generating long term binary options signals, it can be said that Katrina is quite efficient. The signals are reliable and with an accuracy rate of above 75%. The short term signals that are generated by the provider offering good results as well as a win rate above 79%.

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ProTrader Sergiy

This provider has his own trading techniques when it comes to generating and delivering signals. The win rates are generally high. The protrader mainly focuses on short term trades for currency pairs.

ProTrader Mircea

This provider generates signals for assets including currency pairs, oil and indices. The protrader is an expert in the Asian, European and US markets. Those investors who are looking for diversity will find the trading techniques of Mircea extremely valuable. It believes in taking less risks and following more stable trading patterns. The main focus are the long term trades.

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ProTrader Liberty

After a trader has deposited funds into the brokers’ trading account, he can access the signals generated by ProTrader Liberty. You are not required to make any additional payments to take advantage of the features offered by Liberty.

ProTrader Avangard

To use the signals generated by Avangard, traders must make a deposit with an additional broker. The signals are reliable and traders can have a more profitable trading experience by choosing this protrader. To gain access traders are required to contact the Binary Option Robot customer support team and follow the instructions provided.




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