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Broker RockeTrade
Website URL www.rocketrade.net
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Overall Score 2.7/10

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 rocketradeRockeTrade is the name of a binary options system that was released onto the online market a couple of months ago. It started off with a solid performance and high payouts, but then user satisfaction rates began to slowly decline.

The identity of the actual creator continues to be unknown for the time being. In the promotional video for the software he refuses to introduce himself. Further check up revealed that the man is a paid actor.

The automated trading system is currently unable to deliver the promised 93% success rate and has indulged in some rather disturbing practices like having shady broker connections.

The review at hand seeks to provide users with the full picture on Rocke Trade System. Our best advice to online traders would be to turn to a proven to be reliable and legit profit-amplifying solution and not to sign up with this likely scam.

What is RockeTrade System?

The ever-expanding world of binary options trading systems has enjoyed quite the popularity in the last couple of years. Users should be weary as there are a lot of scam solutions out there that seek only to make a profit off the backs of unsuspecting people and then disappear into thin air.

This binary options investment system supposedly utilizes top secrets from the global financial sphere. This is the main reasons why its creators prefer to remain undisclosed. Some of them are allegedly quite prominent figures from Wall Street and the Silicon Valley.

Our exclusive investigation into RockeTrade Software reveals that none of the above stated information is true. The software does not apply genuine financial principles, it is simply a copy-trading system who is unable to accumulated solid earnings.

How Does RockeTrade Operate?

During our investigation, we managed to establish some of RockeTrade’s characteristics and parameters. Some of them appear to be very promising on the surface, but do not work in reality and have no appliance in a normal trading process.

The secret to any binary options software’s success is hidden in the complexity of the computer codes. Rocke Trade Software is supposedly in possession of one of the most sophisticated ones in the industry. Further research, however, reveals that this is not exactly so as the binary options software does not have a high profitability rate.

Every new member is supposedly entitled to a $500 monetary bonus, but there is no proof that anyone has ever received it. The only solid feature is that apart from a fully automated one, the signals-generating system provides users with a training demo one as well.

How to Get Started with RockeTrade Software?

Even though we advise against it, we are going to explain how to complete RockeTrade’s sign up procedure for the sake of objectivity and realism. It offers a Trader Pro Account which is recommended for more experienced traders who know their way around the business. Access to it is granted after the transfer of $149. The Company Account costs $7,500 a year and firms that want to open one have to send a request. It features redistribution of wealth parameters.

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The sign up procedure is much like with the other signals-generating systems. One can sign up with a simple name, email address and telephone number. He should then pick a broker from the list of regulated and approved ones. After that, you have to decide on a trading mode.

The withdrawal process is also the same as with others. Just send a request to your binary options broker platform of choice. Then, await approval and transfer.

Interesting to Know:

Redistribution of wealth that RockeTrade supposedly offers to clients is not something uncommon. It has been around for centuries and includes financial activities such as charity, donation, public services. As well as popular financial mechanisms such as taxation, divorce and Tort law, public welfare and the different monetary policies.

In older times, all these practices were known as Palace Economy. A ruler of a certain territory was the one who decided who would and who would not receive monetary or other benefits.

Is RockeTrade a Scam or Legit System?

As far as RockeTrade System’s legitimacy status is concerned, matters become very complicated. The binary options software truly started off pretty well and generated good results to online traders. Only a couple of months later, however, users began complaining that they were unable to achieve any kind of profits.

Most of the automated trading robot’s special features do not operate correctly. Traders have been losing their entire initial deposits. Our best advice to anyone would be to avoid signing up with the software. It has shady broker connections and is certainly dubious and a probable scam.

Final Thoughts

t10SIG_high_risk_stampFrom what we were able to find out about RockeTrade it is unreliable. The feedback from the online trading community has been mainly negative and there are many reported troubles about most of its investment characteristics. Traders will make a wise decision if they turn away from this devious binary options system and turn to a more trusted and proven to be legit source of Internet income.


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